The Source Of Your Pain: You Are One Thinking You Are Many

“You don’t think the universe is on your side because you think you are separate from it. The truth is you aren’t separate you are it. You are part of all that is, and you ARE all that is. Your consciousness is ONE. You are infinite intelligence you just don’t believe you are.

Instead of seeing wholeness and unity, instead of seeing oneness, harmony and completeness you see separate people, separate events and circumstances. That is the big illusion. The world view you have you co-opted from your parents and peers from birth on.

In order to make the shift to ONE, you must become aware. You become aware through alarms. What alarms do you get? Loud, painful, intense ones, usually. The signal value needs to be enough to get your attention. Otherwise you’d miss it, as you normally do.

You Are Awareness – Simply Give UP Those Things You Are Not

You conspire to get your own attention by bringing people, events and circumstances into your experience that mirror the conditioned beliefs and habitual mindset you presently have. YOU are trying to wake yourself up with loud alarms. Still, you don’t get it, do you?

You keep creating these situations, but instead of becoming aware, and having an ‘aha’ you blame, excuse, judge, label, whine and complain how the world and people are unfair, wrong, or bad. We all do this because we bought into the old conditioning. We can change.

The purpose of the situations we keep encountering is for us to wake up, drop the conditioned limiting beliefs that keep us thinking we are separate, and surrender into the oneness that is. The drop from the ocean returns to the ocean. The drop ‘gets it’s’ true nature.

When You Know Yourself You Are Powerful Invincible And Joyful

All these experiences we suffer through we do so because we aren’t celebrating them. We are judging them as unwanted and resisting them instead of welcoming ALL as blessings. You will become totally free when you can welcome all people and situations joyously.

Each moment you decide. Each moment you encounter an opportunity. Either do what you always have done and get what you always have gotten, OR decide differently, do something new and change the game. Become aware! Consider each moment a blessing.

When things go wrong, or people are difficult, begin to see it as an opportunity to rejoice, celebrate and count it as a blessing. It is a good thing! It is the alarm to help you awaken. Be glad. Learn from it. Be grateful. When you become truly grateful you become free. Allow, embrace, accept, and become aware. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “The Source Of Your Pain: You Are One Thinking You Are Many”

  1. You share these truths so clearly and eloquently. Many years ago I was given through direct revelation the fact that we are all one and a part of infinite intelligence. I knew no one else who shared my point of view. It is so nice to hear you share this frame of reference I have been aware of for many years.
    Thank you Rex, you inspire us, we really apreciate your sharining. We look forward to our continued inspiration and learning from a part of us.


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