Experts Reveal: How You Can Get Through Turbulent Times!

“What is going on in our world? What is going on in our country? What goes on in our community? What goes on in our home? What is it with people today? Have we all gone mad? Seems like there is so much turmoil and confusion? What can we do about it?

It seems things are pretty crazy. They may well be. I do think whenever we find a wrong, that we can correct, we ought to be responsible enough to correct it. We should hold ourselves to higher standards and step up to the plate whenever we are able.

I wish more people read and lived by Napoleon Hill, or some code of honor, accountability and responsibility. His is a fairly modern and workable philosophy that people can apply. He put getting ahead and making it within a context of mutual support and positivity.

What You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve

I prefer that people support the rise of each other, celebrate success and enjoy it when people legitimately prosper.  It is important  to go beyond the call of duty to assist and uplift others. By working together we can all get ahead faster. We need to work in harmony.

We need to set our goal, devise our plan, and become one in accord with getting it accomplished. It seems wiser to think what is  ‘best for all’ than only what is in it for me. How can we accomplish our goals without harming or preventing others?

How can we have it all without greed? We can, most certainly, we can but it takes a shift in our emphasis. We need to refocus our thinking.  There is far too much emphasis on what is wrong and WIIFM than on community and edification.

The More You Give The More Comes Back To You

We can focus on working together to make things better. It takes commitment. Whether on a global level or at home with your loved ones the concerns are similar. How can we best serve others? How can we serve while getting our needs met? How can we uplift?

How do we create a better situation? It is okay to note the problems, what is wrong, and that which needs fixing. Then, shift from what is wrong to creating potential solutions with the good of all in mind. Yes, it may be difficult at times, but we need to attempt it. To do it.

There are greedy people in the world. That is just the way it is. There are some bad things and events. Our concern shouldn’t be the number of bad things but how we can improve. What can I do to make it better for me, my family, friends, community, and country?

Don’t Wait The Time Wil Never Be Right – Act Today

We need to wake ourselves up, get involved and take active interest in creating better circumstances. Don’t be a victim of them. Our mindset needs to be positive and strong. We need to take right action. Focus on good for all of us, with as little harm as possible.

Can we hope to ever make an impact? Certainly, we must believe we can or we will never attempt it. This is why I so enjoy dear Napoleon. He said, ‘whatever the mind of man can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve’. We need to conceive of the future we want.

Imagine it and believe it is possible. Then work at it and make it happen. Don’t quit or give up but be flexible and adjust as necessary. Many things will come up to prevent you from succeeding but take these as lessons and find the opportunity within. Work on yourself.

If You Can’t Do Great Things Do Small Things In A Great Way

Develop a pleasing personality. Become optimistic and helpful. Take care of your mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. Find good people to work together with in harmony. Support and encourage. Be willing to go beyond where others will quit.

Offer incredible  ‘customer service’ or added value to all. Be honest, ethical, friendly kind and compassionate. Be focused and resolute. He offered these thoughts and so much more. I do think if more of us set out to adopt these principles we would make great impact.

If I can’t impact the globe I can at least impact those around me. If each of us did our share, living a higher standard as an individual, and cooperating with those around us we would ultimately influence more and more people on a larger scale. Our influence would grow.

Your Big Opportunity May Be Where You Are Right Now

While times are tough we remain focused. We don’t get caught up in the drama trauma, the chaos, and the confusion. We don’t succumb to lower level name calling and obstruction. We chose the high road and work to make it better. We can find or create a way.

Society is made up of individuals. If we each make it a point to live better, love more, hate less, help more, be a light in the darkness, things can improve. Will they? I think they can. I am almost certain they won’t, if we aren’t actively involved and making things better.

It starts within each of us. It starts with one’s thinking and attitude. It’s about our focus. There really is more good than bad going on in the world. It may seem otherwise, but good things are ongoing all around us. We just don’t notice a lot of it because of our attention.

It Is True You Succeed Best And Quickest Helping Others Succeed

Where do we put it? Do we put it on all the good things about ourselves and feel and express gratitude? OR do we put it more on what we don’t like about ourselves and wish we didn’t have? The same is true with our family, community, local news and everything.

What do we focus on? What do we believe? What gets most of our attention? By what things are we distracted? Distraction and a drifting mind seem to cause much of our suffering. Many simply choose to concentrate on those things that make them feel worse.

We do not have to. This is a huge component of my work, this blog and the work of others, from the ancients to present day thought leaders. We can  enjoy more of the goodness around us. We can start by enjoying the goodness within us. We can improve.

Our Only Limitations Are The Ones We Set Up In Our Minds

We can accept who we are, and we can continue to grow and transform. We only need to begin to shift our focus, ever so slightly, to make that possibility a reality. In doing so, by evolving ourselves, we can and do impact others. Heck, you know about flash mobs.

Suddenly, a group comes together and dance or some fun ensues. We can do that on a much larger, more valuable scale. Simply, think purpose. Am I here to take or am I here to contribute? How can I best serve others? What can I do to help? Be a positive influencer.

Shift attention to what good you want to create for yourself and others. Two or three together working in harmony can be and is an incredible force. The world goes on but how it goes on does depend on our involvement. If you don’t like things, work to change things.

Opportunity Often Comes Disguised In The Form Of Misfortune 

I think everything is perfect. It is what it is. Everything works together. Negative and positive are the same as night and day, warm and cold. There will always be troubles and there will always be solutions. There will always be growing pains. I accept this.

Still, when I say ‘it is what it is’, that doesn’t mean I can’t work to change things. It means I accept it and I can work to change it. I can adjust and be flexible, I can find or create a way without being attached to how the outcome must manifest. I don’t dictate it.

I don’t insist or dictate it must happen my way or not at all. I don’t make the end more important than the means. Just like sailing or traveling, I set a destination and navigate to get there. I make adjustments along the way. I keep the end point in mind. And then…

All Achievements All Earned Riches Begin As An Idea

I enjoy the journey. How I enjoy the journey most important. Anywhere along the way, there I am. I can’t be anywhere else than where I am in the moment, SO I accept that and continue on. BTW this isn’t just a ‘me’ description. We all are capable and all can do.

The key seems to be within the principles shared here and elsewhere as I have mentioned. If you love yourself and your life, you tend to be more loving and compassionate to others too. If you are thankful and grateful for all and express it, your words, feelings, and behaviors will positively impact others, too. Together, we can make an incredible difference! Begin today, if you haven’t already. Love yourself, be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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