Why Pain May Persist: What To Do About It

“Some of you know I have been healing from nerve pain in my back and legs. A friend stated that it seemed like a long time to be dealing with this injury and wondered if I shouldn’t choose a quicker option, such as surgery. I answered him this way.

I had wanted to get back in better shape for some time. Still, I put it off. I’d work on the computer instead of exercising or going to the gym. It was convenient, easier, less disruptive to just continue than to add more exercise in. I put it off for quite some time.

I got injured. The pain is tremendous. The only way out is through. My chiropractor said, ‘you need to get your back, back in shape’. I understood that. It was clear. Yes, I must. AND it hurts!! It meant pushing through discomfort. It mean accepting the hurt.

First Step Toward Change Awareness Second Step Is Acceptance

I have written about this in previous blog posts. The point I want to make today is, having this pain persist and having to work at feeling better, gives me the time needed to establish new routines and habit. If the pain went away immediately, I might not continue.

If it were miraculously resolved I might very well have gone back to the old, routine of working, instead of exercising. The continuation of pain is motivation to get better. Now daily, I see the chiropractor, I do PT in the pool and I walk around the block frequently.

It has been 3 almost 4 weeks now. I am into the habit of taking better care of myself again. I am grateful for this experience and for the duration of the pain. It is truly a blessing even if it seems not to be, or that it hurts. The pain is doing its job. It is awesome!

Time Doesn’t Heal Everything – Acceptance Will Heal Everything

I am proactive about my health again. Eventually the pain will subside. By then, I will have grow accustomed to working out. I do actually look forward to it now, each day, as I did when I was quite fit. I am building good habits, again, and I am pleased about that.

Pain is a signal and a means for me accomplishing some important work on myself. Does the pain know this? Is it ordained by anyone or anything? I haven’t a clue. It may be only a useful reframe, but useful it is. Perception is everything. It really is!

If I state the pain persists to get me off my ass so I take an active role in being in better shape, so be it. It works for me. It truly does, in that I do get relief when I do the PT. So the pain will be around for as long as necessary. Then no longer. All is good. It IS as it is!

Whatever The Present Moment Is – Act As If You Had Chosen It

What we think and how we think about things is important. As I began to celebrate the pain, and consider it a blessing, it began to change and diminish. Sadly, many people don’t consider the benefit or value of pain physical or emotional. We try to avoid it.

Embracing it is a whole new freedom. Things do shift. It allows for much new insight and evolution. While I don’t wish this on anyone I can say, learn to be grateful, it makes a difference. Acceptance moves you through it quicker than resistance. It is all perfect.

It is what it is. I also focus on where, what part of my body feels the best. Which sensations do I enjoy the most? I focus on the water, how wonderful that feels. I emphasize the movements I can make easily. I shift from what hurts to what feels great. It is about focus.

Work With It Not Against It – What You Resist Persists – Accept

So the pain serves many useful purposes. I get to workout and control my attention to things. I focus on the good feelings not the bad ones. Anyone can do this. Anyone can learn. The more we focus on what we want and the good stuff, the more we get back.

So celebrate and enjoy! Find all the good, groovy, cool stuff to marvel in. Find the silver linings. Get to the gold beneath all the dirt. When digging for gold you look for the gold you don’t care about the dirt. Get it? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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