Are You Attracting What You Want Or What You Don’t Want?

“What is the biggest mistake people make in thinking about the Law Of Attraction (LOA)? What is the main reason people don’t attract what they want? How come it works for some but not for others? If you have questions or concerns like these then read on. I’ll answer.

People erroneously think that you use the Law Of Attraction to attract what you want, but that is a mistake. The principle that applies is ‘like attracts like’. So, you attract what you are, already, like. You do not attract what you aren’t, even if you want that.

I’ll rephrase that. If you are broke and you want to be rich, you will continue to attract broke, because like attracts like. Yes, you want to be rich but you can only attract back to you what you already are. Like attracts more of the same back. Do you understand this?

The More You Are Grateful – The More You Will Be Given

It doesn’t attract something different. It attracts the same. This is why you do mindset work. This is why you correct your thinking and feelings. Napoleon Hill said you trick your subconscious mind in certain ways. How? By thinking and acting as if you already are it.

You think and act and speak and feel as if you are already rich. You stop acting broke and start acting as if you have plenty of money and abundance. As you do this, daily, you begin to actually take on those thoughts and feelings. You convince yourself. You begin to believe.

When you believe you are rich, worthy, deserving, abundant and feel wonderful about it you attract that back into your life. You get more of the same. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are! Do you now understand? You can make the LOA work for you.

Gratitude Is The Open Door To Abundance 

To do so, you must do some work, first. You prepare the soil for planting seeds. You do the same with the LOA. You act as if, you think it, speak it, feel it fully, first.  That IS preparing the soil. Once you believe it, you have planted the seeds. So yes, prior work is required.

Like attracts like.  If you are happy, you attract more happiness. If you feel rich, you attract more riches. You get more of what you already are. Most people are not what they want to attract yet, so they continue to attract the old stuff.

They focus on debt but want riches. They end up getting more debt. They focus on sickness but want health. They end up staying ill. They focus on what is wrong with their life partner but they want the perfect relationship. Do you see the pattern here? Do you get it?

If You Focus On What You Don’t Have You’ll Never Have Enough

You attract what you ARE presently. Whatever that is, good or bad, positive or negative. So what are you attracting? Look around you, examine your life. If it isn’t what you want you have some changes to make.  It’s cool we have this feedback that let’s us know what to do.

If you don’t have the results you want, then, you must make changes so that you can start getting them. If you want your life to change you must changes some things in your life. Change your thinking and feeling. Act as if you already have the success you desire. Go first!

Gratitude for what we presently have is the key. The more grateful you are, the better you feel. The better you feel the more good things you attract. Be grateful for finding a penny on the street. Why? Because that is finding money! You just found some money!

The More You Celebrate Your Life The More There Is To Celebrate

The brain and universe doesn’t care if it is a penny or a million dollars. It is money! Celebrate finding money. Celebrate being lucky. Celebrate whatever comes to you.  Your gratitude for money brings you more money. Appreciation adds value to everything. It does!

Your gratitude for health brings you more. Your gratitude for happiness brings you more happiness. When you vibrate high you attract much more. Remember, we get what we are! We do not get what we want.  If you really want it be grateful.

Appreciate the present and you’ll have a better future. How you feel right now determines how you will feel later on. You get back more of what you are. Live with delight. Live with ‘yes’. Live with fun, passion, enjoyment, enthusiasm. Live playfully. Live, love and laugh. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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