Everything Is A Blessing!

“This mindset that may seem difficult to adopt or accept at first,  but if you do, you can get fantastic results. Any time we want to change or add in new behaviors or skills, we must first overcome inertia and the tendency, we have, to remain the same. That’s just how it is.

Overcoming inertia is the part of the process where most people give up. They try for a while and then throw in the towel claiming it is too hard. Of course, it seems that way at first. If you never played basketball or chess, starting out can be tough. It just is.

There are many new and different things you have to get used to. If it is fun and the end result is deemed most desirable, you might keep going long enough to get proficient at it. Getting over that beginning hump is the key to progressing long term. You just have to keep at it.

Happiness Can Only Exist In Acceptance – Accept And Allow

This mindset can seem tough, at first, but the payoff can be enormous. The resistance to it will be old, chronic thoughts and conditioning. Our limiting beliefs will raise their heads. So, get over that and commit to moving yourself forward. It is truly worth it.

Adopt this mindset, this way of thinking and viewing the world.  Whatever it is, whatever happens, all of it, everything included, IS as it is supposed to be. It is what it is!  You are lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to experience it. It is all good.

Ultimately, everything will turn out for your good. It is all a blessing and you may not yet be able to see around the corner, what is coming, but it is all an incredible blessing, no matter what it is. It is all as is should be. Accept and allow and feel blessed. Celebrate.

Become A Generous Giver And An Incredible Receiver

It is an opportunity to explore new things you may never have considered. Stop labeling. Most of our problems are due to our thinking about them. It is how we chronically consider the situations that occur in our life that upset us. It is our perception of them.

Consider it all a big game. Life is one big, fun, adventurous game. It includes all kinds of drama, and scares, and heartbreak and good things and thrills, that a really fun game might include.  All of your challenges and hardships are part of the game.

They are there for you to have fun.  They are there to help you transcend. They aren’t there to hold you back but to strengthen you. Everything you encounter, good or not so good, is a blessing. You are living here. That is a gift. Whatever is going on is a gift. Life is a gift!

Accept The Present Moment As If You Have Chosen It – Accept

Imagine everything IS as it should be. It is all designed for your ultimate good. You are strong enough, big enough, you have all the resources, you can overcome any difficulty, ride out any storm and you can play, have fun and win the game. It is an adventure!

Remember, I am not saying this is true, I am saying this is a mindset you adopt. I am suggesting how you think about things determines whether you sink or swim. If, when you encounter difficulty, you label it as bad and overwhelming, that impacts your results.

Develop a powerhouse mindset that gets your through any troubles. Develop a mindset that is compassionate towards yourself and others, while being strong willed. Love, have peace, support others, allow them to support you. Be confident, have fun, explore.

What You Deny Or Resist Delays And Persists

Life is process. Stop resisting what comes your way. What you resist persists. Instead, allow, accept, invite and receive. Think, ‘I am bigger than my problems. They are here as a blessing and as an opportunity for me to grow, evolve and develop.’ Try this thinking hat on.

You might not grow and evolve as much as you could if these challenges were not present. The reason why most people have problems is because they fight them. They keep the problems going by attempting to resist them. They try to ignore, BUT they live them.

They think about the problem, speak about it to self or others. They label it bad. They feel bad. When feeling bad they aren’t at their optimum so the issues persist and they spiral downward. They whine, complain, excuse and continue into the mire. Thoughts!

What You Face And Accept You Conquer 

All of us have problems. Get over the notion that life may be free of them. Instead of judging them as bad things consider them blessings for your own good. Live as if everything is a blessing. All of it, every itsy bitsy bit of it is good. All the drama is good. It is all good!

When everything is a blessing, when every moment is a gift and every second is a joy, then your life can be truly magnificent and incredible. That is when you are invincible and unstoppable. You can manifest and create whatever you want, whenever you want. When your mindset and being are aligned you live more fully. Live in gratitude and joy. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Live fully each moment!

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