Experts Reveal: The Determining Factor Between Being Rich Or Poor

“What do successful or rich people do that gives them the edge? Most people, who are not successful and rich, don’t do this? That’s why there’s a difference between who succeeds and who doesn’t. There is a difference between the wealthy and those who aren’t.

Yup, it is mindset or attitude. It is the expectation the successful, or rich person has, that those who aren’t, do not have. Rich people expect to succeed. That’s it! It is that simple! Successful people expect to continue to succeed.  The believe in themselves!

They have confidence in their talents and abilities. They believe they can always find or create a way to have what they want. They know they can make it happen. They trust their ingenuity and creativity. They feel it with every fiber of their being. They FEEL it first!

Focus On Being A Blessing And You Will Always Be Blessed

It is the feeling and the mindset, the expectation or certainty, that they will be successful, that makes the difference. They take 100% responsibility for creating their future. They determine what they want and decide to go for it. They know THEY make it happen.

They are open and receptive to insights coming from anywhere. They trust their gut or intuition. They are receptive to unexpected good happening for them, because they know it will. They know! No matter how difficult the road, they will get there. They believe!

You can too. The rule is, if you want it, you have to go get it. You have to go first. You create it and make it happen. Your mindset is more important than your actions because your right mindset directs your actions. Hence, you work smarter not harder. Get it? You do it.

There Is Always Something Good Coming Soon – Remember This

You adjust and continue. You keep the faith. Open yourself up to some unexpected good. Be willing to be blessed beyond belief. Allow yourself to ‘act as if’ you already have all you desire and express how good that feels. Express your gratitude and you will create more good. Do it! Delight in all. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Experts Reveal: The Determining Factor Between Being Rich Or Poor”

  1. Rex you said it so well….. so clearly…… I always get everything I want when I want it…. I know I will get what I want….. I can “feel it”…. just like you said in your writting…. I feel it and see it in advance and then I follow my intuition, my imagination and take “Pysical Action” to make it happen…. after the action the dream comes into three demeinsional reality…. thank you for sharring I hope all your readers read your blogs over and over and I leave you with this real magical incantation:
    From the land beyond, beyond,
    From the world past hope and fear,
    May your grandest dreams appear!


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