If You’re Like Most People You Say You Are But You Probably Aren’t

“Most people will make this claim, yet, most people are not what they claim. They say they are, but they aren’t. This is the reason they don’t change, nor do they get what they want. In order to have the life you want to have, certain things are necessary.

You must do this! What is it? You must have a true willingness to change. Yup, people claim they are willing. They say they want changes. They want it different. When it comes right down to it they really aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to make it so?

Many are mostly unwilling. What about you? If you want things in your life to change you ACTUALLY have to change things in your life! What would you give up? What would you trade in exchange? Would you go a year without Facebook? Would you give up television?

If You Are Not Willing To Change – Don’t Expect Your Life To

What are you willing to do, to sacrifice, if you had to, to get the life of your dreams? What will you do to make you big goals and dreams a reality? Most people won’t do much when it comes right down to it. They are comfortable as it is, even while they complain about it!

It boils down to habit. What habits do you have that keep you the same? Most people don’t change their habits because they think it too hard. They try, but give up. Some succeed. You actually can! To succeed you need to put some skin in the game. Are you willing?

What do you need to do in order to get what you want most? The number one thing most people need to start with is to change their thinking? People need to develop the mindset that they can and will do anything positive to bring about good results they desire.

You Have To Be Willing To Leave Your Comfort Zone

They need to take responsibility for everything in their life. Why? Because once you take responsibility for everything it puts you in charge. If you created a mess, or something you don’t like, you can create what you want, too. You are doing it. No one else is.

That mindset helps you make the changes necessary to develop new habits. If I said, you can have the lifestyle you want, but it will cost you X, many people would say, ‘wow that is too much!’ The cost could be a money investment or giving up golfing on weekends.

Not forever, but until you have what you want. What do you continue to allow that gets in your way? When will you stop it from being a distraction? How soon will you decide you are willing to change and do whatever necessary to stop losing and start winning?

Stop Complaining About Things You Aren’t Willing To Change

A willingness to change means you are willing and you actually take charge and change things. If you change nothing, you get nothing. Still, this is what most do. They continue doing the same things, hoping it will be different. That IS the definition of insanity. It is!

Develop a positive mindset. Napoleon Hill called it THINK and grow rich. It truly is mostly a mental game. When your thinking is right on, your actions will be too. It isn’t about working harder, yet that is what most people think it’s about. Work smarter not harder!

Until you are truly willing to change your life will mostly remain the same. You have to leave your comfort zone and stretch yourself in new and different ways to make headway. This means you must develop new thinking, feeling and doing habits. Are you ready?

You Will Never Change Anything You Are Willing To Tolerate

If so begin. Begin assuming responsibility for everything in your life. No joke. You created it all. That is the mindset. Now begin creating what you want. Fill your mind each day with positive thoughts. Read, listen to positive material. Repeat affirmations. Visualize. Have fun.

Make it a point to enjoy what you already have, whether you have little or lots. BE grateful. Express your appreciation. This is really, the secret. It is all an energy game! When you are vibrating right, exuding the right energy, you are in the zone. It is about energy!

You make things happen when you are positive. When you are delighting and enjoying all of life you are closest to making all your dreams come true. Live in appreciation. Be grateful. What you think about you become. What you focus on expands. Delight in it all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Delight in this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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