Are You Failing Because You Are Distracted? Yes!

“My recent blogs were devoted to two concepts; why you fail and is media, and more, distracting you from your goals and dreams? There are many factors that usurp your power. If you aren’t able to realize the power you have, you may never maximize your potential.

The distractions, those deliberately imposed, and those that simply arise in daily living, compete for your attention. They rob you of focus. They lead you astray when you succumb to them. Your thoughts become diluted so the results you get are weakened.

If you are distracted, you may never realize your true self and what you are capable of achieving. Because you are ‘caught up’ you miss out. Napoleon Hill called it ‘drifting’, as a cork bobs along in the current. There is no power in drifting. Power is in your focus.

Everything Is Energy – Your Thoughts Begin It …

Power is in your decisions and determination. Power is in managing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If anything can distract you, it will lead you away from what is most important. If it can take you away from pursuing your goals and dreams, it will. You lose out.

That is why, social networking, popular books, movies, music, gossip, bad news, is dangerous. It takes you out of the game. Your focus isn’t on who  you can become, and what you can accomplish, it’s caught up in the bad news and banter on your feed. Focus is everything!

Energy flows where your attention goes. What you focus on expands. You become what you think about most frequently. I’m not saying there isn’t room for entertainment or frivolity that makes you feel good. There is plenty of room for it. It’s how much time is spent?

… Your Emotions Amplify It – Your Actions Increase Its Momentum

If most of your time is caught up in media distraction, daily distractions, traffic and nuisances in work and home life, then less time is spent focused on what you want. If you get what you focus on,  how will you get what you want, if you’re not focused on it?

You have to control what you pay attention to. That is why it is important to read and listen to material that inspires and motivates you to continue your pursuit, daily. It is why you need to hang out with positive like minded people who are making things happen.

It is the reason you attend seminars and events and invest in yourself. All of these help you to stay focused on your goals and dreams, and expand your imagination to include more good things. Spend more time on what is important, and less time on what isn’t.

Take Back Your Attention – Energy – Time And Emotions 

Affirm and visualize. Enjoy making your world what you want it to be. Contribute to others positively, and allow them to contribute to you. That is much better for you than the latest bad news or gossip. The goal, of the powers that be, is that you spend money trying.

If you become what you want to be, you live life on your terms. You have choice and power. You can opt in or opt out. If you are always struggling you are spending your time, energy and money to become. If you never become you keep struggling. Get it? It’s a cycle.

Put an end to the distractions. You get nowhere drifting and being wishy washy. Focus! Focus yourself. Become a laser beam and enjoy the process. Find the people, things, and circumstances you are grateful for and focus on these, instead. You’ll get more bang for this buck than discussing headlines. Get it? Practice gratitude. Live fully. Delight in life. Manage your thoughts and your feelings and actions and results will align. FOCUS! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Are You Failing Because You Are Distracted? Yes!”

  1. GREAT GREAT rem;inder – thanks! we have a CHOICE to give our attention to what we choose. if I don’t choose, I’m letting others. Laser or a flashlight? Spread out wide and scattered over all the he drama that so many people love to dwell on, and stir up, or choose to be a coherent frequency that gains strength by BEING what I want to be. good stuff and inspirational, thank Rex. wishing you a focused, energetic week my friend, momemtummikey 🙂

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