An Actor’s Thoughts: The Importance Of Focus

“Why do I write about distraction and the importance of being focused? As an actor, concentration is everything. Energy flows where your attention goes. You must pay attention! This is true for everyone. What you focus on expands. Your thoughts do matter.

An actor must be of one mind. If the actor’s attention is split, part on the character the actor portrays, and part on remembering one’s lines, the performance will suffer. The actor’s full attention must be on the character created. This is why you rehearse and learn lines.

The actor rehearses to be free of distractions and free in the moment, as the character, to take advantage of opportunities that present, during the scene. The actor must listen and concentrate on the others in the scene. Attention is everything. Remember this!

Practice Creates Confidence – Confidence Gives You Power

This is true for all of us; everyone. We can learn from the actor’s commitment and dedication. The actor spends time memorizing and rehearsing so, when performing, it appears fresh, as if it is occurring for the very first time. BUT it is well rehearsed. It is practiced!

All of us can benefit from rehearsal and practice. Athletes and teams rehearse and practice. Musicians and all performing artists practice thousands and thousands of hours to be able to perform in real time. All skills require we wire them in; golf, swimming, piano, cooking.

Jugglers and tightrope walkers practice to get good and to make it look like they are doing some things for the very first time. They practice making it look dangerous and scary. Sometimes, it really is. They wouldn’t think to attempt something without wiring it in!

Every Practice Session Is A Learning Process – Learn Success

Why should we expect any less of ourselves when it come to making our lives great and our dreams come true? Manifesting what you want, making it happen, IS a skill. It requires practice. Managing your thoughts and feelings and actions require the same commitment.

Spend time each day affirming and visualizing what you want and you will get better at it. Take inspired actions toward your goal, get up off your butt and do something in that direction and you will get better at it. Read and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Everyday do something. Even if it is only a little bit, it is better than nothing. Imagine. Act AS IF you already are and have what you want. The more time you put into creating it, the better you get, and the closer you get to actually having it. Practice, practice, practice!

Knowledge Is Useless Unless And Until You Put It Into Practice

When the going gets tough you get what you practice. You weather the storms better when you travel in advance of the world. You prepare for all events and circumstances by training and conditioning your responses. EMTs, firefighters all train to be ready.

Don’t expect any less of yourself. Commit to being the best. Don’t rely on magic, rely on you. YOU are much more likely to make it happen than wishing will make it happen. Practice success skills. Practice feeling happy and successful. Practice gratitude! Enjoy.

Be thankful. Practice positive thinking and attitude. Practice feeling joyful and enthused. Practice abundance. Feel abundance! Practice manifesting and creating. Make it happen. Practice getting along with others and support them. Practice listening and paying attention. Practice positivity. Practice focus. Practice speaking only to bless, heal and prosper. Practice celebrating! Practice feeling delighted! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “An Actor’s Thoughts: The Importance Of Focus”

  1. You astound me with your ability to so clearly state things I have been thinking about and unable to share clearly with others. Thank you, you really help me to be able to clarify my point of view to help those around me.

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