Do This To Start Succeeding More Quickly

“There is another reason why you might not succeed as quickly and as easily as you could. Most of us, at one time or another, have been guilty of this. In order to move forward most swiftly, you have to be willing to do somethings that seem counterintuitive, at times.

Stop trying so hard! Stop trying at all. This doesn’t mean you abandon your goals or give up.  You stay true to your ‘definite chief purpose’. You continue to be passionate about it. It stays a ‘white hot burning desire’ but you stop over thinking. You stop struggling.

You let go. Start trusting. Start having peace. Become certain about making it happen. After all, if it is going to happen at all, you are going to be the one making it happen. Trust yourself. Believe. Have faith. Trust your resourcefulness. Know in your heart you can do it.

Trust Is A Decision You Make – Allow Things To Happen – Trust

Expect the best. Let go of worry. Stop trying to figure it out!  Relax. Listen to the still small voice within. Follow your gut. This all comes about by taking charge of your thinking. The results you get and the inspired actions you take come from managing your mindset.

Be positive. Affirm. Stop speaking about your problems and worries. Begin speaking about making it happen. You don’t need to know the details but you do need to expect it will happen. That is faith. Be enthused. Be eager. Have some fun. Play, delight, enjoy the process.

Don’t furrow your brow. Smile more. Laugh more. Put an end to the struggle. Commit to ease. Do little things that move you ahead. Take some action. It need not be massive. Get into the gratitude habit. Enjoy the process. Be glad for the learning and the challenge. Count it all a blessing and you will move ahead more. Get out of your own way! Celebrate everything.”


Surrender to the moments!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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