What Do You See And What Are Your Missing?

“What are you missing out on because you don’t see it? You don’t realize it is there because you miss it? We see what we expect to see. We often find what we assume is there. Often, we miss that which is right there in front of us. We miss the obvious. Have you noticed?

I’ll provide a simple example. I proofread my blog. I proofread my blog numerous times. I read it out loud and I still I miss mistakes. Fortunately, I have a wonderful person,  Lindsey, who goes through it after I do. She, too, reads it. She catches mistakes that I’ve missed.

You should know this process takes place after the blog has been published and sent out. She emails me the corrections. I correct the already published blog. It doesn’t correct the one sent but corrects the blog at the website. I write in the early AM hours.

Don’t Miss Out On Something That Could Be Amazing

Because I do, I write, review, publish.  She gets it and emails me what I missed. The ideal process would be for her to review and edit first, but that doesn’t work with our schedules. I hope you understand.
I hope you are okay with typos and grammatical errors.

The  point of this example IS that I’m looking for the error but I’m not always seeing them. I miss them. Usually, words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ or ‘the’ and ‘they’ get missed. Sometimes it is an added ‘s’ or even a misspelling. There is a reason why I miss these simple errors.

I wrote it. I know what I wanted to say. My mind knows what the word should be. Even though I read it, out loud twice, I may not catch it. My eyes or my mind deceive me. I miss the typos. This is really cool in some ways because it illustrates what the mind can do.

We Don’t See Things As They Are – We See Things As We Are

Perception is everything. What we believe shapes our reality. What we expect to discover is what we discover. What we expect will happen, often does. This is true whether we look for blessings or for problems. We know what we think so we are likely to find that.

Or, miss that! If we can miss simple things like grammar and spelling errors, imagine what else we might be missing because our brain expects something else.  You might be missing  all sorts of good because you’re focused on the problem in front of you.

This is why mindset is important. This is why attention is important. Where your attention goes, energy flows. If your mind is focused on debt, you’re likely to find it. You’re likely to miss out on abundance. If you’re focused on what’s wrong, you might miss all that’s right.

What I Am Looking For Is Not Found Out There – It Is In Me

The mind can miss little things or big things. Just as when you put down your keys and then can’t find them. Even though they’re right in front of you! If you want to manifest better health, focus on health. Stop paying attention to illness. You get what you focus on.

Stop paying attention to debt. Stop paying attention to what’s wrong and start paying attention to what’s right. Put your focus on the positive and you’ll discover more positive. Put your attention on what you are grateful for and you will find more to enjoy. Stop worrying and start celebrating. In fact, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Have a blessed day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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