Learn The Secret To Make Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Work For You!

“You have heard of self-fulfilling prophecy, right?  People want something to work out but they expect the worst. When it doesn’t work out, they say, ‘I knew that wasn’t going to work.’ That’s a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Most people are familiar with this.

There is a way to turn this around to your advantage. I’ll share with you how this is possible. Once you read about it be sure to apply it and it will absolutely begin to transform your life! Don’t NOT apply it or you only continue as you have. You can change your life right now.

When it comes to creating your future, orchestrate it so everything works for you. Determine the rules. Decide the outcomes. Put it all together so you succeed each step of the way. You get better at manifesting by gathering wins together. Create win after win.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

Make the rules so you always win! Never break a promise to yourself. For example: You want to shed some weight. Instead of setting one large goal that seems impossible, or that you don’t believe you will easily attain, set smaller goals, easier to hit.

Make it so easy it’s impossible not to shed the pounds. Determine to shed a pound in the next couple weeks. Decide to shed 2 pounds in the next month. That is easy and simple. If you get rid of more than the pound or two, you will have done better than you expected.

Get it! You will have absolutely pleased yourself. You will never disappoint yourself this way. Instead, you win! When you win this way it signals your unconscious mind that YOU ARE a winner. Pick up small wins frequently and you develop the habit of winning.

Whatever You Confidently Expect Is Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

You develop the unconscious mindset you are a winner. Do you want to make lot’s of money? If you decide you want to make a million or more dollars, but you don’t believe you can or will, you won’t, if you don’t absolutely feel certain you will. SO set a smaller goal first!

Decide to earn an extra $50 or $100 a week. Make it something that stretches you. It should be a bit of a challenge to keep it interesting, but small enough that you are certain you can do it. The point is to feel certain and to feel absolutely wonderful about this goal.

It is important you believe you can do it! It is important when you think about it you feel good! Feel enthused. The tiny goal should keep your interest but be something you can readily accomplish. Perhaps, it is making $1000 extra a month. Whatever works.

You Will Manifest Outside Whatever You Believe Inside

If you make more than the amount you set you will feel even better than hitting the exact amount. Get it? You win all along the way. As you consistently manifest what you want you condition yourself to go after goals and make things happen. You build the success habit.

You develop the winning mindset. You start small and then graduate to larger and larger things along the way to your big goal. So losing all that weight or making a million dollars will becomes child’s play. Get it? Step by step you make your larger goal happen!

You set everything up so you are always winning. You never lose and you never break a promise to yourself because the steps are small enough for you to complete. Whatever you say you will accomplish, whatever you set out to do, you make happen! This is important.

Success Always Begins With The Decision To Act And Succeed

This is a huge point! Always keep your word! Don’t break promises to yourself or others. Go beyond what you expect to happen. You will thrill yourself. The more thrilled and excited you become the better you feel. The higher you vibrate, the more you attract!

You’ll begin to manifest more easily. By taking the small steps you condition yourself to be a positive, powerful creator. You begin to think, ‘whatever goal I decide to make happen, I achieve! I am a winner! I’m a champion! Whatever I say I will do, I do! I win!’

‘Whatever I want to create, I create! Whatever I want to attract, I attract!’ Get it? Small goal wins become medium sized ones. Medium sized wins become big wins. During this process you are developing reliable habits for making things happen, by doing the right things.

Things Do Not Change We Change – Be The Change You Want

You do the right things, repeatedly, for long enough, consistently, and you develop reliable, unconscious habits that will always positively serve you. You  create new neural pathways. You changed old, less than glorious habits into new, positive, powerful ones!

You prove yourself right. This is known as successful self-fulfilling prophecy. You, made self-fulfilling prophecy work for you. You expect to make it happen and you do! It happens, and you think, ‘I knew this would work out! I’m a winner!’ AND you are a winner!

You succeed! What you thought was possible, is possible. Instead of shedding a pound you lost a pound and a half or two and a half pounds. You made $120 instead of $100. You surpassed your expectations! Every time you do you feel better and better.

As You Think So You Are – As You Imagine So You Become

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because you expected to succeed. You succeeded even more than you expected. Get it? This is how you build a winning cycle. This is how you create momentum and move forward. Make it so you always win, then you always will win, all along the way. Then you will feel even more grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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