The Feel Good Principle: How You Can Be More Have More And Do More What You Want!

“Would you like to create and attract more of what you want most easily and readily? If so, you must do the following. Please understand you make things happen. They don’t magically happen. It only seems that way because it happens more easily than imagined.

First, yes, imagine it happening. In fact, imagine already having it. Imagine how good it feels to be able to think that, say that and live that reality. If you won a great deal of money, how would you feel? That is what you want to feel right now! Those wonderful feelings.

When you feel your best you are vibrating the highest. That’s just another way of saying you are emitting positive energy. No spooky, airy fairy stuff about that. We are all energy. Consider the difference when you feel less than glorious. Your output is not optimal.

Focus On How Good The Good Is And It Brings More Good

You know the difference. You really do. So, the idea is to feel the best you possibly can most of the time. Celebrate being, doing and having great things before they show up in your physical reality. This is the correct mindset and feeling set to have. Live joyously! Feel it.

Be eager and enthused. You know what happens on Christmas, right? For most people it is a happy time of getting presents. You expect them to come. It is the same way for most people’s birthdays. You expect to get some things. As a kid this may have been exciting.

That excitement, that anticipation for getting toys or gifts IS the kind of feeling you want to recapture. Anticipate good things. Anticipate great things. Be certain they are coming. Feel as if they are already here. Be grateful and celebrate. Enjoy and delight. Be festive. Smile!

You Have Got To Feel Good To Receive – So Feel Your Very Best

This is how you begin to transform your life and make things happen. This IS how you create, manifest and attract. Like energy atttracts like energy. Expect the best by creating the best first. It works. BUT to know it works you actually have to do it. You become it!

You attract what YOU ARE! If you are delighted you attract more delight. Get it? Okay, more next time. Meanwhile, do those positive things that help you enjoy life more. Have fun! Develop your mindset and attitude to be powerful, positive and joyful. Give thanks. Express appreciation. Live fully. Smile more. Laugh lots. Believe. Act as If! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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