Givers Get – Go First And Receive!

How do you get what you want? How do you create it and make it happen? How do you attract it? How can you most easily transform you and your life? If you apply this principle to your daily experience you will find yourself evolving much more rapidly. Ready for this?

It is mindset. It is attitude. It is creating a new habit; new neural pathways. Whether or not it is magical, or of god or the universe, infinite intelligence or your own brain doesn’t matter to me. Believe what is appropriate for you. Every culture has a version of this.

I mentioned tithing. Biblically, the principle is to take 10% of your first efforts, your grain, your livestock, your money and put that into action for god. Again, feel free to believe as you do. The point is to earmark the first portion and put it into a particular use.

Successful People Can Look For Opportunities To Help Others

Pay god first. Pay yourself first. Give to charity. Do something wonderful with it. The principle I refer to is: GO FIRST and know that givers get. You are generous with your goods, your love, attention, peace, respect,, loyalty, friendship, time and money.

When you do this, you develop a mindset beyond scarcity and lack. When scarcity and lack doesn’t affect you, you are free to discover well-being and wealth. Get it? You reorganize your thoughts, your perceptions, your practices and your habits. You become different.

One email I received yesterday from a marvelous person and friend, Karen Barben, exemplifies her recent experience with tithing. In her case she tithed at church. I leave what you do, up to you. Here are her words. Consider how you might apply the principle in your life.

Givers Advance The World – Give Love – Peace – Understanding

‘You totally nailed something in today’s blog, and you could not possibly have known this about me, because I don’t believe that I’ve shared it. I started tithing regularly at the beginning of the year when my church had a “90-day challenge” that I participated in.

‘It ended the end of March, but I’ve kept going … The floodgates literally opened the same week that I started. Now, we are half-way through the year, and I’ve already made more to-date than my last year’s entire income. I have also started paying forward my financial’

‘blessings to others and to charities, as well, (which I only sporadically had done in the past).  It is true that the more that I give, the more that I get.  Not that I “want” anything material or physical, because I don’t  I’m so “over” the material world,’ that the extra’

Be An Excellent Giver And Become An Excellent Receiver

‘money, though appreciated, is used to help others. … I got chills when I saw your message, because you would have not had any idea that I’ve been going through that.  As well, my friend Michael, and one of my colleagues at work started doing the same thing for the

‘same “challenge” at church, and both have repeatedly remarked on how the floodgates opened with such force as they’ve never experienced before, that they were shocked.  We all were, really.  It’s truly amazing.’ Thank you for you wonderful blogs.’

I still read them early every morning before I hit the road, and oftentimes refer to them during the day.  Life is grand.’

Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t You Are Right

There you have some of Karen’s words and experience. Remember, I am not suggesting you do anything with your money. I am suggesting you learn the principle of givers get, and GO FIRST. You make things happen by what you initiate. You put things into operation. Get it?

You use your mind and your actions in new ways. If you want to play with the experience, that is up to you. If you want to feel a bit more generous, give more of your attention, your respect, your time. Tip a little better. Help others out. How you apply these principles and whether you apply any of my suggestions is completely up to you. Be grateful and celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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