What You Hold In Your Head You Can One Day Hold In Your Hand

“What we hold in our head, we can some day hold in our hand. That is a statement you may or may not be familiar with. It means we bring forth that which we picture or imagine. Without a definite plan or image we drift, results and life are haphazard. Who knows what?

So we create a strong internal image of what we want to create and focus on it daily. We make daily concentration on our image or goal a habit. This informs and trains our subconscious, our treasure chest of resources and hidden abilities, we want to make THIS happen.

Then we take the steps necessary to create it. Recently, I wrote that a sculptor gets an idea, gathers the materials, fashions the medium into the final end result. The sculptor creates it. It is the same with each of us. We concentrate on our goal and translate it into reality.

Visualizing Is Daydreaming With A Purpose

Focus daily on what you want. It can’t be a whim, it must be intense. You must be passionate about it or you won’t make it happen. Vision boards are good. It’s a poster with pictures on it of what you want to create. Put pictures on the dash of your car to remind you.

Pictures, drawings, photos around the house or work space that bring your attention back to what you want to create. Journal about it. Carry with you and read your goal statement at least twice a day or more. These help put your attention on it. Visualize it 5 minutes.

Energy flows where attention goes. Focus on your goal, intensely. Imagine being it, doing it, and having it already. Enjoy and enhance those feelings. Be grateful for this. Believe you can make it happen. Be certain you will do it. Certainty, comes in time. It really does.

Fill Your Mind With Positive  Pictures And Your Life  Will Change

If you don’t already feel certain about it, stay with it. You will develop the certainty over time. Do it! It comes through daily commitment.  Delight in the creative process. Be glad you are a creator. Take charge. Make it happen. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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