This Determines Whether You Stay The Course Or Drop The Ball!

“Will you make it or will you flop? What will be the end result, success or failure? Is there anything you can do to make success more likely? Will you succeed or won’t you? What do you think the answer to that question is? Your success depends on your answer.

It begins, within us, as an idea we conceive of. From within, we move it, to without. We translate the idea into reality. We think, take action and get results. Napoleon Hill said, ‘What the human mind can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.’  So we can.

Hill stated, he would not say, ‘we will achieve’ because he had no way of knowing what each individual will do or not do. Some will take action and do it. For others, it will remain a nice quote. Whether or not we succeed is up to each of us. You and I are responsible.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

You must become unstoppable. Persist in spite of any odds. Stay committed to your goal. Remain certain you will prevail. Developing and maintaining certainty is one of the secrets. So, how does one become certain? You must develop faith in yourself. Here’s how.

The process of conceiving or imagining and creating has been called ‘out picturing’. Out picturing is what allows us to manifest what we want in the outer world. It’s a fairly good description. We picture on the inside and make it happen on the outside. We out picture.

A couple of times, recently, I referred to the sculpting process.  The end result is the out picture the sculptor envisioned. To create we must remove any resistance. Much of what rises to prevent us, are our own doubts and fears. Our limiting beliefs must be dealt with.

What You Consistently Hold In Your Mind Is What You Experience

We must replace non-supportive beliefs with supportive ones. We replace limited, ‘I can’t’ thinking with ‘I can’ thinking. We do this by exposing our minds to positive material; through daily reading and listening to inspiring and motivating material. We feed our minds.

We remove limitations through reciting our affirmations, daily, numerous times, aloud, with positive, enthusiastic emotions and feelings. We use cadence, similarly to how the military uses it. We hang around with other positive ‘can do’ people. We do workshops.

We attend events. We go to recognition ceremonies and notice, those who succeed, so we can begin to think,’ if THAT person can do it, I CAN do it!’ We visualize our success and we feel as if we have already succeeded. We use the ‘act as if’ principle. All this helps.

You Life Is A Living Reflection Of What You Are Out Picturing

We keep our eyes on the prize. We clear our minds of all distractions and negative thinking by sharpening and maintaining our focus. You maintain a vivid mental picture of what it is you want. A vision board helps greatly. Keep pictures and reminders around. Look at these.

The personal goal, besides succeeding, but in creating that success, IS TO REMAIN positive about the inner world goals you have, regardless of what you encounter in the outer world. This is the secret key, no matter what you encounter, stay the course. Believe!

Remain confident. Feel certain you will accomplish your goal no matter what the universe hurls at you. The person who can do this is the person who does arrive. Release your attachment to the physical world. Let go of the outer resistance, as well as, the inner resistance.

We Become What We Think About – What We Focus On Expands

The sculptor removes whatever is not the sculpture. The sculptor chips away at the stone to release the visualized creation from within. The medium may be difficult but, through belief and persistence, the sculptor unleashes and realizes the goal. We do too.

Understand that the picture in your mind, and the positive feeling you have for it, are real! What you encounter in the world is what you encounter. HOW you respond is what makes a difference! Some buckle and whine, complain and excuse. Others make it happen.

What will you do? Can or will? It’s completely up to you! That’s why Hill said, you can achieve it, if you will conceive it and bring yourself to believe YOU are able to.  Condition yourself for success. Remove the obstacles of your own thinking and feeling. Make it happen!

Condition Your Mind For Success Daily And You’ll Breakthrough

Gratitude is one of the most important means to a successful conclusion. Learn to live in, and with, and express gratitude moment to moment. Fill yourself with awe and wonder and thanks. When you do all of life transforms because you transform. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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