Your Answer To This Question Will Determine If You Can Succeed

Most people claim they are ready and willing to be happy and succeed. Most may even claim they have had enough of life the way it has been and they want it to be different. They will do anything to get out of debt, depression, anxiety and fear. BUT will they?

Will you? What most people claim and what most people do are  worlds apart. The honest answer to my question can determine the likelihood of whether or not you change AND whether you change easily. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter. So be true to yourself.

That is the most difficult thing to do, sometimes. If you really want to change you must face certain things. Here is the question: How willing are you to change? That is it. What is your willingness to change quotient. Are you actually willing to change your life?

If You Want Things To Change – You Have To Change

Okay, I asked the same question three different ways. So what is your answer? Many people say they will do anything to change, but they won’t. What about you? If you truly want your life to change you must change some things in your life. You can’t remain the same!

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get the same results. You will continue to get what you have always got. Get it? Unless you are willing to change, and actually change things, everything remains the same. You need to learn new habits. So…..

How willing are you to change? How much money will you spend? I bet some went, ‘Whoa, money! I’m not going to spend money? This will cost me? I can’t afford much. Do you know how much debt I have? It is always about money!’ Or some variation. Right. Did you?

If You Want Things To Be Better – You Have To Be Better

It always comes down to money, doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. How much time are you willing to dedicate? Someone just thought, ‘I have no time as it is!’ Or some variation. What are you willing to give up or go without? Would you give up your favorite TV show?

Would you go without your favorite show, or past time, for a year, if it meant you could get your goals and live your dream life? Would you give up junk food;  Alcohol; Tennis: Golf; Poker; Whatever it is? What are you willing to give in exchange for changing your life?

People say they are willing but, more frequently, do nothing to change. Would you read positive, books and articles and blogs for an hour each day? Would you for 30 minutes? 5 minutes? What are you willing to do? Would you listen to inspirational audios? Well?

If You want To Have More – You Have To Become More

How about you take a seminar or program. Attend a learning event or workshop. Would you commit to a weekly, or monthly, meeting? What will you do to change? The bottom line is your change IS going to cost you something! Either money, time, energy or habits.

Either you pay the price or you don’t change. Get it? You can’t do everything the same way you always have and expect things to be different. That is truly insane! Right? That IS the definition of insanity. To be different you must do things differently! Get it?

So how willing are you to do whatever it takes to get what you want? That is the question. How willing are you to change? What is your willingness? If you say you are very willing then prove it to yourself. Take some immediate action in that direction. Don’t wait. Do it.

Your Life Is A Reflection Of Your Thoughts and Feelings – Mindset

If you wait, you won’t! If you have to think about it, you won’t. Old habits die hard. Do it right now. Do it within 24 hours. That way you convince your brain you are serious about changing. Take action in the direction of the changes you want. Don’t let it go or it goes away.

People give lip service to change but make all manner of excuses. They whine, complain, and blame. They say, ‘If you only knew how hard it is…’ Blah blah blah. Anyone can make an excuse. If the first thing that goes off in your head is one, learn to change that. Do it!

You need to develop automatic, reliable, supportive thought, feeling and behavior habits, that are aligned, to help you get yourself what you want in life. We all have many that distract and keep us limited, weak, angry, doubtful and fearful. We need to change these.

So What Positive Good Will You Do To Change Your Life

When you shift from the less than supportive habits to the more supportive ones sometimes there is inertia to overcome. ‘Old habits die hard’. Still, we can change. Sometimes in some time. Sometimes instantly. But only if you are willing, can it happen. Are you willing?

How willing are you to change things, so that you transform your life for the better. I show you how in these blog pages every day. There are tips and suggestions, powerful principles and practices. Do you use and apply them? Do you go back and study these blog posts?

What do you do to make you, and your life, better? To develop a new habit you must consistently, correctly, apply yourself. That means daily, even numerous times during the day. So how willing are you to change? How committed? Be honest. Be true to yourself.

When You Decide To Take Action – Act Immediately – Do It Now

If you are truly willing and committed then you can and will change. Have you watched my video? I linked it below. Do you practice gratitude? Can you count everything as a blessing, yet? If not you have some practicing and celebrating to do. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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