What And Who Determines Your Success? The Bad And Good News

“The great problem for most people is they believe they’re victims of circumstance, events and other people; others and circumstances determine whether they, the individual, rise or fall, succeed or fail. They believe ‘something else’ is responsible, not them. Do you?

It can be blatant or quite subtle. I overheard someone the other day say, what a positive thinker they were, but how the economic downturn caused them to go under. On and on this person went. Is this an accurate description of reality? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

If you believe others and circumstances are responsible for you then, yes, to some degree it is accurate. Your beliefs shape your reality. However, it’s more likely that these outer forces influence you, and your decision, but don’t cause you to fail or succeed.

You Are Unstoppable When You Believe In Yourself

What you do determines whether you succeed or fail. Thinking outer forces control you is believing in magic and fantasy. If you believe outer forces dictate your fate then you have no choice, you are predestined or merely a puppet. Something else is in charge.

Do you get this? Hey, a bridge can be out, and you must take detour, that is an influence. Whether you continue to your destination is up to you, not the bridge. The weather can be bad. You might be delayed. Whether or not you continue on eventually, is up to you.

The economic situation can change. You could lose everything. Many do. Many become rich during the worst of times. What you do in that situation is up to you. Your life partner can leave you. How you continue on, is up to you. Yes, or circumstances can influence.

Don’t Be Pushed By Your Problems Be Lead By Your Dreams

What each of us, needs to cultivate is the belief that you are powerful. You have the ability and inner resources, even if hidden, to make your dreams come true. If you somehow, don’t have the inner resources, you can learn to  develop them, so you can succeed.

Believe in yourself more than outer influences. Those who do make their way to success and happiness. They don’t let anything or anyone rain on their parade. They keep their attention, and intensity, on where they want to go and, believe and, work to get there.

They don’t give up. Those who throw in the towel or quit don’t cross the finish line. Realize you are in a process of becoming. You are in a process of learning. You are in a process of creating your path. You are in the process of gathering your resources and making it happen.

Follow Your Dreams – Believe In Yourself – Never Give Up – Do It

Everything I have shared with you in these daily blogs helps you to understand and cultivate the beliefs and everything you need. My recent videos and audios, and workshops for decades, have been designed to assist you in making your life the way you want it.

When you apply, these tried and true principles and approaches, handed down from ancient times to present, backed up by research and the success of countless hundreds of thousand who have used them to succeed, YOU can too. Whether you do, or not, is up to you.

To know and not to do, is to not know. If you don’t consistently do what can help you to be better and make your dreams come true, don’t complain. Complaining, whining, excusing and blaming others and yourself is pointless and detrimental. It doesn’t help anyone.

Your Mind Believes What You Feed It – Feed It Positive Thoughts

Dedicate yourself to becoming the best. Do, at the very least, a little each day, and you will get there much quicker than doing nothing at all. Do you get this? The more you do, the more you become capable of doing. Engage. Plug in ! Do it. Cultivate the beliefs and attitudes.

Develop the mindset that gives you the edge. When you think and feel you are successful, no matter what, then you can be. Mindset first! Practice gratitude and appreciation. When you feel your best you bring about the best. Mindset first! Get it? If you do, then take charge. Take action and celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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