How To Break A Board Or Brick With Your Mind!

“When a martial artist focuses on breaking a board or a brick with their hand they have a special focus. They do not focus on their hand hitting the block because that would hurt. Instead they focus on where their hand is after it goes through the object. Important note!

In their mind they imagine the end result. Their hand has passed through the board or brick successfully. Their hand is in the finished position, complete and intact. They are successful.  They imagine this while facing the obstacle. They visualize being successful first!

Prior to breaking the board or brick they see it in their mind, FIRST. They imagine succeeding while looking directly at the ‘impenetrable’ object. They face the solid obstacle and they manage their fear and their doubts. They take charge and manage their emotional state.

Those Who Break Through Barriers Are Those Who Ignore Limits 

They believe, with certainty, they will succeed and overcome. They will be successful. They must believe this or they will stop the moment they hit the object and possibly hurt their hand. They manage their mindset, their emotions, their fears and their doubts.

They visualize succeeding! When ready they take full action.  When finished they celebrate their success in reality. Get it? This is what we do when we manifest. This is how we create our future. We see it now. We manage our state and we take action. Get it? Do you?

They harness and manage all their energy and resources. They are concentrated. They are deliberate. They are intentional. They have set an intention to successfully break through the brick. Energy flows where attention goes. Their energy goes to beyond the brick.

Life Has No Limitations Except The Ones You Make And Believe

They don’t put their energy into the obstacle but in going through the obstacle safely, and successfully. They know in advance they will prevail, they will succeed. Their energy is focused on what they can do and not on what they can’t do or how hard it will be. Get it?

You can learn to do this too. You don’t have to break boards or bricks but you can smash through any obstacle that has held you back and you can make your dreams come true. You can learn to succeed at anything. You can become happier, healthier and wealthier.

Would you like to? Say ‘yes’ if this is true for you! It requires learning new habits. It requires dedication and mental and emotional conditioning. I will help you. It requires study and preparation and taking action. Mindset and action are required. Prepare and do! Meanwhile, be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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