What Powerful Question Can You Ask That Could Change Everything?

“What mindset or questions can you use each day, each moment, to guide you to making the right decisions? What can you ask to, move you forward and, get you closer to making what you want, happen? What is the positive mindset you need, that can best work for you?

Obviously, it will all be individual and tailored for you. However, questions direct your mind; they divide up the world into aspects of your experience you can choose to pay attention to. Using the questions I give you can make an incredible and massive difference!

Realize you can categorize, almost, anything as supportive or non-supportive. When you do this your world begins to change. ‘Does this support me? Does this serve me? Is it supportive or is this non-supportive?’  These are excellent questions to keep asking yourself.

The Remedy For Any Issue Is Learning To Ask The Right Question

Use your mind for a change! That is why you have a mind. So you can direct your efforts. Where you put your attention is where energy flows.  You want your energy flowing in productive and positive ways. Realize, that most everything you, and I, do are habits.

We are routine creatures. Research demonstrates this, so I won’t go into it again. I have in the past and in other blogs. Habits either support you in doing, and getting, what you want OR they do not. Asking whether something is supportive, or not, is a great habit!

Make it a habit. ‘Does this thought support me? Does this feeling support me? Does this behavior support me?’ If not, change it for one that is positive and does. Asking the question brings you to a choice point whereby you can make a decision. You stop being stuck.

Successful People Ask Better Questions And Get Better Results

It gives you an indication you may not be moving in the best direction. It can give you an indication that you are moving in the right direction. When do you ask it? Anytime, you feel less than glorious, are confused or engaged in a way you don’t want to be.

Get it? Start using it. You will make positive changes as you do. I’ll give you another powerful question to ask in the next blog. Meanwhile, ask and ask and ask. Get your internal guidance system working for you. Then, and this is important, be glad. FEEL glad!

Be grateful and appreciate all things. Appreciate the answers and insights. Follow the answer and the positive decisions you make. This helps you take charge and get over obstacles. If something doesn’t support positive change, what positive thought would?

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Correct

What can you change to make it better? Change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to bring about the most positive outcome for you and others. Get it? Again, be glad, feel gratitude and move forward productively, and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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