You Must Stop First Before You Move On!

What can you ask yourself that makes an incredible difference and sets you in the right direction to create, and attract, your goals and dreams? I  provided two answers in my recent blog. Now I’ll share with you some more powerful suggestions to utilize daily.

Questions direct the mind. In order for them to direct your mind in a positive way YOU actually have to STOP and then ask the question. Do this whenever you notice yourself thinking, feeling or behaving in less than positive, glorious, good ways. Stop and ask.

It isn’t about getting an answer. Forget about seeking the answer. It’s ALL about asking the right question. It’s all about directing your mind. It’s all about becoming aware of whether you’re moving closer or farther away from what you want, while taking right action.

Change Your Mindset And You Change Your Life

You have to stop asking negative questions. Stop asking, ‘why things don’t work out?’ Stop asking ‘why you can never get ahead, or are broke, or unlucky in life and love’! Stop asking questions that cause you to feel worse. Do you get it? You really need to shift mindset.

Ask ones that cause you to become positive, powerful and change! I gave you two last time. Use them. I’ll share one or two more. For now, ask the positive questions that direct your mind in powerful and positive ways. Spiral up into positivity, not down into negativity!

Not everything is positive or supportive. We react to ‘hot buttons and triggers. We’re conditioned; habitual. The only way you break free and transform yourself is to become aware. You have to notice when you are caught up and acting from old, chronic programs.

You Won’t Change And Make Progress Without Making Decisions

You must stop. Take a break, a pause, a breath and then start the new program. Think of driving your car, When you realize you are moving in the wrong direction, you stop, and turn around. Get it? You discontinue traveling in the old way. You stop, and shift or turn.

You begin moving in the direction you want to be traveling in. Same thing with training your mind to work for you instead of against you. You must become aware. Awareness is the  doorway to change. You must BECOME AWARE, notice what isn’t working, and change it.

Change it to something that works better. Think, feel, and act better by asking yourself the questions I have been sharing with you. You stop and DECIDE to be, do and have things differently, YOU make A decision and follow through with it! That is how you TRANSFORM!

Distance Yourself From Negativity And Beautiful Things Happen

In my upcoming blogs I share other powerful questions you can ask to make an incredible difference for you. Stay reading. Keep using the material I have shared with you. Practice gratitude. Stay feeling appreciative and blessed by all of it. Be thankful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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