Life Won’t Change Unless You Change Things!

“Things will remain the same unless you change them. Of course, it is true that change is constant, but that is not the point I am making. If you do absolutely nothing, things may turn out better than you expect in the long run, but that could take many, many years.

Change happens regardless. However, how long it takes may matter to you. If you want things to change for the better in the nearer future, then you must implement some positive changes that move you forward in that direction. Are you understanding this? I hope so.

You can’t do things the old way and expect new results. If you don’t know what you do not know, and aren’t aware that there is more that you don’t know, or understand, then you always only function from the limited, conditioned understanding you have had. Get it?

Your Life Will Never Change Until You Change Something You Do

In order to change more easily and readily you need to open up to what else may be possible, even if you don’t know what that is, or believe it is possible. You need to open up to potentially life changing information and practices that may seem foreign to you. Get it?

You can’t do things the same old way, repeatedly, and expect to get new, better, different results. YOU have to change things. You have to change yourself, your mindset. You need to expand it to include possibilities you may never thought existed for you, previously.

You have to get out of your own way, and out of your own thinking box. We all do. We need to stop limitations from preventing us from exploring new pathways. We need to overcome the limitations of our old thinking, to awaken to new thoughts and possibilities.

Old Habits May Die Hard But You Won’t Change Until Those Do

We do this through awareness. We do this through practice. We practice and we notice. We use what we notice, to change. It is an evolutionary process that helps us wake up to new ideas and potential. Become aware of what stops you. That is only one step.

From there you must implement a means to get past being stopped. You must shift and put into action new thoughts, feelings and behaviors, that move you to where you want to go, AND in the manner you want to go. It is all up to you. Here is the good news.

Since you can’t know everything, you can’t know what you don’t know. You can only see, and move, as far ahead as you are able to see, and move, ahead. When you get to that point, you can then see further ahead, and move on. Step by step you make the journey.

To Change Your Life You Have To Change Yourself

I, sort of, repeat what I said in my last blog post:

What if you could develop the strong, certain belief that you always land on your feet, no matter what? What if you thought of yourself as  bigger than any obstacle? What if you were certain unexpected good always ends up coming your way? How might life improve?

What if you fully realized that in the end it always works out for the best?  If it ain’t the best, it ain’t the end yet. What if you knew for sure, you always land on your feet?  What if you could develop the strong, these positive strong beliefs? You can. Put these to work!

You do it the same way the old, limiting ones were created and made habit. You repeatedly think them over and over and over again until you believe them. You affirm with strong feelings! You imagine and visualize, and affirm with great feeling. You act as if it is all true!

To Change Yourself You Must Change Your Mental Thought Habits

That IS how it is done. There are other ways to include too, that I have already shared, and will again. Meanwhile, you need to understand it is mental conditioning and mental nutrition same as the physical kind. You progress through diet and exercise.

Feed your mind positive thoughts. Repeat it over and over, daily. When negative things come up, become aware, shift away from them and begin thinking the new positive, powerful beliefs. Condition yourself. You will have to do it again and again.

Get used to that! Practice gratitude and appreciation for everything. Delight in challenges because within all adversity are hidden seeds of possibility, equal good, and important learning that can move you forward. Feel wonderful, think positive and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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