Stop Stopping Yourself! Keep Going!

“What is it that stops most people? A thought, a belief.  What is a belief? A thought you repeatedly think over again. What stops most people? A belief, a thought, repeatedly thunk (sic ;))  that limits you. A mental package of energy is what stops most people!

People don’t THINK they can. They think they don’t have enough money, love, free time, fun, of whatever. They believe that someone or something prevents them; the government, their parents, their upbringing, the weather, others, their own self, you name it.

They whine, complain, blame and excuse. STOP enough already!

Sometimes you just have to push on through! Be a warrior.  No matter what the obstacle is, decide you are bigger than it.  Let nothing stop you, not even yourself. Go for it. Make it happen. Act in spite of your mood or your fear. Act! Push through. Don’t be a wimp.

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Stop, stopping yourself. Quit, quitting. Never give up. Forget about wallowing and whining. Let go of distress and put your chin up, your chest out and stand tall. Feel your backbone and imagine you’re a giant. Marshall your resources and do something positive. Anything!

The overall goal is to feel your best most of your time. Make it a point to do that, no matter what you are facing. Resolve to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful. Be happy! Delight and consider everything a blessing. Practice gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day amazing!

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Celebrate yourself and others today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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