How To Change It When Everything Sucks!

“You want to make your career, your finances, your relationships, and overall life much better, right? You’d like to think and feel better more of the time, too, I bet. Is there any thing you can do, overall, that will make everything better, easier, smoother and more fun?

Yes. Overall, you can do one thing that will make all the difference in the world for you. First, understand that you must learn to MANAGE your thinking. You must take control of your thoughts. You must realize ‘thinking’ is something you do, but IT isn’t, actually, YOU.

Your thoughts are not you. YOU think thoughts. Mostly, you think conditioned, chronic, repetitive thoughts you’ve always thought, with some new ones thrown in. You may feel that isn’t quite accurate, but if you really look into it, you’ll notice, it is. Get it?

Life Isn’t What Happens To You – Life Is What You Create

Awareness is the key to change. If you aren’t aware you need to make a change, you won’t. If you sleep through a fire, the results of the fire are the same, whether you know it or not. Get it? You must become aware and make some changes. So, which change to make?

Make it a point to feel no matter what! DO whatever it takes, in a positive fashion, that is GOOD for you and others, that helps you feel good. Walk, exercise, sing, dance, get a massage. Get outdoors, spend time in nature. Go barefoot, connect with the earth. Anything!

Practice gratitude! Keep a journal. Be really thankful for small and large things; the people in your life; ALL of life lessons and circumstances; your current, ongoing situation. EVERYTHING! Take inventory and FEEL BLESSED! Jump up and down with joy. Do it!

Because You Smile And Laugh You Can Make All Of Life Beautiful

When you FEEL GOOD and vibrate high energy, everything else falls into place! If you can feel good, in spite of whatever may be the current situation, you’ll become the master of your circumstances. You won’t be a tiny boat tossed about by the wind and the sea.

When YOU are the master YOU make the difference in your situations, instead of them running you. You need to take charge and be in charge. You never will, doing things the same old way. You must CHANGE what you do. Read positive material. Get and stay inspired.

Manage your thoughts and you feel better and think better! Manage your feelings and you FEEL BETTER and think better! Good feelings promote well being and you get more of it. You get better and better as you go. Find the tiniest thing to feel good about and do it.

Take Charge Of Yourself – Decide To Make The Day Marvelous

Feel good about it. Accentuate it. FOCUS on it. Make it bigger and better. AMPLIFY it. Do those things that are fun, good for you, and you enjoy! Make all of your life a celebration. That change in attitude will make all the difference. Hang out with positive people! BEGIN!

Begin somewhere. Begin, even when you don’t feel like it. If you wait until you do, you will never start. You always must begin right where you are! It starts with a decision. You either DECIDE TO, or you are deciding not to. It is always, all up to you, whether you do or don’t.

Take hold of your good feelings and enhance them.  Make tiny things bigger. Most of us make mole hill problems into mountains, so reverse it. Make tiny mole hill blessings into mountains of blessing. When you do, everything does CHANGE. If you don’t, nothing does.

Mastery Is  A Process – It Takes As Much Time As It Takes – Enjoy

Sometimes, things change instantly.  Mostly, things change in time as you gain mastery of the process. Things change as you EVOLVE YOURSELF into a positive, powerful, confident person. Get it? This is why I encourage, and implore you to CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!” Rex Sikes

Make your day incredible. GO AHEAD, do it!

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