What You Need To Know About The Dark Times!

“Darkness is necessary for growth, as is sunlight. Everything has a season. Tides come in and go out. Life changes. People change. Nothing is written in stone.  It is all physical, mental and emotional processes. Process implies movement and movement is change.

Never give up. Even if you did nothing at all, ever, you would change. That is nature. That is the nature of life. Everything changes given enough time. Nothing is permanent. Everything is in flux at some level. You may or may not notice it but everything moves. Atoms.

Thoughts are simply those things you think. They are not you. They are something you do from habit. You may not like the thoughts you think much of the time. You may not like the results of your thinking. Still, habits can be changed. You can change your thinking! You!

Energy Isn’t Created Or Destroyed – Energy Is Transformed

Take control. It can be instantaneous, mostly it is by step by step. You change inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard, mile by mile. It is incremental. It seems slow at first but it gets faster as you go along. The more you do, the more you are able to do, and more easily.

You get better at it. So, know this: you can, and will, always get through, and beyond, any troubling issue. It may not seem like it but you can, if you decide to. It is difficult to see connections projecting forward. You can’t. You can only connect the dots looking back.

You can’t connect dots looking forward. Moving forward you need to decide, plan, take action and move. You go a far as you can see and when you get there you can see farther. Looking back, you may find the meaning of troubling situations BUT, in reality, all are blessings.

Focus On What You Have To Gain – Not On What You Give Up

Learn to practice gratitude for the past. Be grateful for every bit, all past. You may say, ‘but, but’. BUT do it. Learn to appreciate all the hard, dark, even terrible moments. You got through them. That was then. What did you, what could you, learn from the past?

It is no longer! Don’t carry the baggage from the past. Look back and see it how it brought you to now, this moment, where you can change your thoughts about it, and transform your life for the better. Feel gratitude for the past. Be thankful for the present, this moment.

Feel blessed for all of it, then and now; every moment, person, event and circumstance. Expect to be blessed in the future. Unexpected good will come your way, Feel gratitude for the future. You will be different. That moment passed, this moment, too will pass.

If You Want All Things To Change Faster – Change Yourself

You will always land on your feet. Expect to. Expect unexpected good. Realize, it mostly goes how you think it will; what you think it is. It becomes what you say it is; how you define it determines what you pay attention to. It is the gospel according to you. It’s yours!

What you focus on, you get. Thoughts are things. Still, you can change from negative to positive. You never have to remain stuck. Things change! Learn to think differently about anything. You can learn to feel differently, too. It is whether or not you choose to.

Moving your body, changing your physiology changes your mental and emotional state.  Exercise and hard physical work has been prescribed for depression and anxiety since ancient times. Everything can change, if you are willing. You can make it better.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right 

Move, go for a walk. Change your thinking. Focus on what you want, not on the problems. Practice gratitude. Feel the gratitude. Stay with it. Focus on it, again and again. Read inspiring materials. Surround yourself with positive people and messages. Affirm your power and visualize the good, again and again. It gets better! Especially, when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Create a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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