That One Or Two PerCent!

“You are the creator of your life. Mindset determines what you create. You create based on your thoughts and your feelings. Your actions matter. They are important but not as important as you might think. The key is to work smarter not harder. It’s important.

Many people are busy but not productive. They confuse activity with accomplishment. This is because they focus in the wrong area. They focus on how to do things and what to do rather than the mindset that gives rise to the right, inspired actions. You must get this!

Actions matter not as much as your thoughts, attitude or mindset. Your thoughts and mindset pave the way. It is hard for people to grasp this concept. Your mindset is 98-99% what you need to focus on. Your actions are the 1 or 2% that you do. Pay attention to this.

Your Attitude Determines Your Direction And Your Altitude

What you think creates how you feel. How you feel determines what you think and your actions. What you think, feel and do create your results. The starting point of your results is your thinking. Your mindset. Get that right and the rest falls into place. Get it?

Your mindset is the cause. The results are the effect. Get it, cause and effect? Sadly, when things don’t go right, most people start trying to change the results. They try to change the effect. They get preoccupied with what isn’t working and what to do next. 

Instead of being focused on the effect, you must work on the cause. You must improve the mindset that determines your feelings, actions and therefore your results.  Positive feelings stem from positive thoughts. To change your results change your thinking!

To Guarantee Success Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail

Get it? More positive thoughts stem from the positive feelings. When those are correctly aligned you take inspired action. The actions feel right because they stem from right thinking and great feeling. Actions for action sake doesn’t get you anywhere.

There’s being productive, then there’s being preoccupied. It’s not what you do, it’s what you think and feel that determines how far you go. That’s why Napoleon Hill titled his book, ‘THINK and Grow Rich’, not Work Harder and Grow Rich. Mindset matters most!

This is why I keep suggesting you read and listen to audios. Attend events, live and online. Hang out with mentors, coaches and positive people. Do daily affirmations and visualization. Keep a success journal and practice gratitude. Get the mindset right so you succeed.

Do these things repeatedly, long enough, consistently and then your actions will matter. They will increase the likelihood of your success. You’ll be surprised with the results you will be getting. Actually, you won’t be surprised at all, because you will deliberately create them. Do you get that? Be thankful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “That One Or Two PerCent!”

  1. All the fantastic wondrous things that have happened to me. Never happened because of hard work. All my grand impossible dreams have happened because of my thinking. My positive thinking inspired me with the perfect words and actions to say and do. These inspired words and actions made all my grand impossible dreams come true with little to no effort. Just like you say Rex!!! This is such an important message. We need to read these words over and over again, they are the key. It is the thoughts we hold in our minds that easily control the world around us. Thanks so much for sharing this absolute truth, Rex. We really appreciate your kind magical gifts: the true secrets of the “Good Life”.
    Thanks again Rex,
    Warmly and Magically,
    William Young
    Mandrini the Magician


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