Are You Cut Out For Happiness And Success?

“‘Success is the steady progression toward the realization of a goal,’ said, Earl Nightingale. Some give up while still progressing. They quit, throw in the towel on their career, romance, business or life goals. When quitting isn’t an option, most people can succeed.

Statistics demonstrate that most people quit right before they would have succeeded. Most businesses fail within a couple years. Had they been able to stick it out, they’d have soon succeeded. Are you cut out for success? Will you do what it takes to get to the top?

Mindset is the key factor that determines how far you go. You either decide you are all in, or you decide to opt out. No one can tell you when to cut your losses and change direction, but you. Of course, you can take advice from worthy mentors. That might be wise.

Winners Never Quit – Quitters Never Win – Which Are You

Choose someone one who has what you want and started out as you did. This mentor should be successful and knowledgeable in the lines you desire to get mentored about. Don’t go to a farmer about banking or a banker about farming. Get it? Go to a qualified expert.

When it comes to mindset, you can make awesome progress in your evolution alone, and especially with a good mentor.  Mindset determines how far you go, your level of commitment and persistence. Make it a point to daily work on your attitude.

Commit to positive, powerful thinking. Take charge. Learn how to direct your mind to go after your goals; to make happen what you want to make happen. Stop wishing and hoping things change and change them yourself. You can, when you realize you can.

Winners Fail But They Don’t Quit – Winners Fall But They Get Up

It is all up to you. Champions know this. It’s time you learned it, too. Champions aren’t born. Champions are made. They condition their mind and body and finely hone their mental and physical skills. They invest in themselves; their time, energy, even money, in making it so.

Don’t you think you deserve to be a champion? I do. I believe you can. You must believe it, too, because it doesn’t matter what I believe about you. Take hold of your thinking and feeling power and begin to make these work for you. When you do, truly, you will celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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