What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Bad Story You Keep Repeating PT 2

“In my recent post I asked, what is a fact and what isn’t? I asked where could you put your attention when things aren’t going right, so you can unlock positive, productive possibilities? Today, I’ll  elaborate on how you can make positive and powerful changes.

There are times when you feel down and beaten. Do not let yourself get too far down. It is important to take control, in spite of circumstances and do whatever you can to feel better. To feel your best. Negative thinking produces negative feelings and it loops.

You can spiral down or spiral up. It is always your choice. It may not seem like it is. You may have learned to feel helpless or that things are hopeless but you aren’t and they are not. That is only prior negative conditioning and it can be changed. Seek to change it.

You Are Not The Product Of Circumstances But Of Your Decisions

Do whatever positive things you can to feel better. Take a walk. Work in the garden or on some physical project. Exercise, do yoga, get a massage. Run, sing, jump. Hang in nature for awhile. RECLAIM YOUR POWER and feel as best as you are able to.

Even just a little better is a step in the right direction. Keep taking steps in the direction of feeling your best and you will eventually get there. Keep the faith when all seems hopeless. It is hard at first, especially, if you haven’t yet conditioned yourself to do this. You can!

So where else might you put your attention that would be more productive and feel better. Think and speak only to bless, heal and prosper. What story do you want to perpetuate? The habitual negative, limited one, or the one with positive possibilities?

Joy Is A Decision – Happiness Is A Choice – Decide To Live Well

You aren’t aware of what you aren’t aware of. You can’t be. But you can begin to become aware of the other possibilities that are available to you by shifting your attention. How might things be otherwise than how you think they are? Consider  this.

You may think you have the gospel version and that is because of your prior, chronic, limited, negative conditioning. You are locked in a thought habit. You think you know how it is because this is how you operate. Do something this time. Change what you think.

It is your choice! Energy flows where your attention goes. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE? Ask yourself? HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE FEELING? What questions do you need to ask and where do you need to put your attention to do this? Then ask and then do!

Stop Reinforcing Negative Habits – Reinforce Positive Habits

Since you don’t know what you don’t know, STOP being limited by what you think you do know. Be willing to explore what else might be there you just haven’t considered yet. Explore. Search your inner resources. Make it a point to feel your best in spite of the obstacles.

Focus on gratitude. Focus on the little you have because when you do it expands. You can grow it. You can amplify the good or the bad it is your choice. How do you want to live? What do you want to feel like? It is always your decision and you determine the outcome.

The results you get are based on what you choose to focus on. Do you want to feel restricted, limited, and less than glorious or do you want to feel positive, powerful and unlimited. Either one depends on how you choose to use your mind. Start making positive changes.

Don’t Miss The Obvious Because Of The Obvious – Become Aware

DECIDE NOW to STOP REINFORCING NEGATIVE PATTERNS and scenarios. STOP living as a victim. Stop perpetuating your own limiting myths and start telling new stories. Start focusing on the good. Start living as a victor. Take charge!

When you take charge, when you deliberately focus your mind on the positive, when you live in gratitude for anything and everything, everything begins to change. You can make it all different. You can start living how you deserve to be living. DO IT! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What positive action will you take right now?


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3 thoughts on “What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Bad Story You Keep Repeating PT 2”

  1. Start living as a victor! I throw my hands up above my head in a victory stance. Like I just won a hundred thousand dollars in a golf tournament. I search dilligently until I find the equal opposite good. I find the good and then focus on it and I am greatful for the problem that led me to this fantastic good.

    On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 10:06 PM, Rex Sikes’ Daily Inspiration and Gratitude wrote:

    > rexsikes posted: ” “In my recent post I asked, what is a fact and what > isn’t? I asked where could you put your attention when things aren’t going > right, so you can unlock positive, productive possibilities? Today, I’ll > elaborate on how you can make positive and powerfu” >


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