How Much Must I Do?

“What do I have to do to make my situation better? Not only, what must I do, but how much must I do? How do I gear up my mindset to take actions? How do I get solutions to my problems? What must I do to make a difference in my life? What will help me change it?

Quality and quantity are important. They make a difference. Passion, energy, enthusiasm and positive feelings drive the mechanism that makes affirmations work. So have fun with the affirmations! Chant them, sing them, say them with energy! This IS crucial! It works.

Be adamant, be happy, be thrilled when you speak and think them. The feelings reinforce the statements. It is not the words as the much as it is the feeling and energy behind the words. Feelings are the driver. Your subconscious pays attention to feelings!

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills – What You Focus On Expands

Feelings are the signal to you and to your subconscious mind signal. Feelings are the message. Positivity is a choice! Train your mind to see the good in all situations, rather than emphasize the bad. Bad circumstances may persist but you emphasize the good.

This is how you find solutions. You don’t ignore what is wrong, and won’t work. You put your attention on what is right, and what you can do. You don’t ignore, you notice and shift. You select what to pay attention to. When you feel right inside you make better decisions.

You take the right actions. Don’t concern yourself with what to do. First, concern yourself with what to think and feel. Think and feel  the best you can.  When you select affirmations look for examples in your everyday life. Look at how things are good. Focus on these.

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do – You Become It

Find abundance all around! Look for smiles, positivity and enjoyment. Find people and things you’re grateful for.  Focus on these. Be thankful.  Appreciate what you have. Quality matters. So does quantity, So the more you are positive and grateful the better it all becomes. Every bit helps. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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