What To Do When You Get Gobsmacked By A Block

“You feel stuck. Something holds you back. You aren’t enjoying or achieving the happiness and success in your career or life. Frankly, it sucks! You’d like to change it. Here is what you can do when you hit a block in your personal or professional life. Here is what you must do.

While blocks aren’t fun nor enjoyable, they can be downright awful, be glad you hit a block. ‘What?’ you exclaim. ‘I should be happy I encountered a block? ‘ Yes, exactly. We all have them. We all encounter them. Many were fashioned early in our lives.

They were created or adopted outside of our awareness. We didn’t choose them but we got them through exposure, experience and repeated messages, intentional or otherwise, from others around us. We have them and they lurk inside. We encounter them in change.

Don’t Let Obstacles Bring You Down Learn To Bounce Back Better

When we change, or situations change, they arise. They are limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and feelings. They are doubts, fears, worries, anger and sadness. They arise to keep us the same. We repeat them again and again in life, so we remain consistent.

Seems silly, but it is true. Our brain attempts to protect us and keep us alive in a number of ways. One of them is by attempting to keep us the same. It doesn’t know we want to update ourselves and change and that we will be fine. Blocks are there to keep us safe. BUT, yuk!

So the best we can do is appreciate them and embrace them. Allow them to surface. They will anyway, but don’t fight them. Fighting them only amplifies their yuk factor. What we resist, persists. When we feel blocked, this is what you need to do, and here is why.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

When you discover or encounter a block you have an opportunity to discover how to refocus your attention and energy and move forward. It is not really a problem, but a blessing. It is attempting to keep you safe in the first place. Your brain does what it learned to do.

It is reliable. That is why it will keep you overeating, feeling afraid, smoking or living out any number of ‘bad’ habits because that is what it learned to do. So it does it! It ‘thinks’ that is how things should be. You and I need to re-educate our brains to new things.

Some people have yet to learn this concept but anyone can eventually learn it. Given they hit enough blocks to begin to become aware of why they are there. Blocks get our attention. Instead of thinking something is wrong celebrate! You noticed the signal,

Don’t Give Up – Make Today The Best Day Of Your Life Anyway

A block is an opportunity for you to pay attention. It is a signal or a message. Once you notice the block AND actually get the message, you can change it. You may not have thought so in the past. You have lived with any number of them for a long while. There is good news!

The good news is you can learn to move through them. You can learn to recognize them for what they are, not succumb to them, but move beyond them into new, wonderful realms of being! I’ll share more in my next blog. Keep the faith. Know good things are always in store for you. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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