Do This When You Are Gobsmacked By A Block!

“You’ve encountered a block or an obstacle. You feel yuk. Your feelings, thoughts, and your energy are less than glorious. You want to feel better. What to do? Here’s how you can begin to get free and overcome these challenges. You can move forward. Are you ready?

Keep in mind for manifesting and creating what you want, the goal is to feel the best you can all the time. When you feel good you think clearer. You take action and don’t wallow. Some people don’t believe you can feel good all the time. That is their belief. It is up to you.

You certainly can feel good most of the time. The practical work is to feel as best you are able. If you are down and out, make it your goal to feel a little bit better. All you have to do is feel a bit better. That moves you in the correct direction. Inch by inch you get there.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

It is too large a leap to go from down and out to absolutely fantastic. It may be possible, but if you are unable to do it,  don’t get down on yourself. It’s natural to incrementally change your emotional state bit by bit, through time. Just do something to feel a bit better.

Talk a walk, go for a swim, read a book, listen to music, hang with positive friends, work in the garden, exercise, yoga, get a massage, listen to an inspiring audio. Simply do something that helps you feel better! It isn’t the amount of better, it is the direction you move in.

Blocks and dips and dives are there to provide contrast. They are there to learn from, go through, and learn to go through, unscathed. These are opportunities. We have been conditioned to avoid, to run, and attempt to eliminate disappointment and challenges. STOP IT!

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills –  Step By Step You Get There

How you learn to go through these determines how much joy you experience in your life. If anything can upset the apple cart, you will always be victim to circumstances, thoughts and feelings. You will be like a cork bobbing in the water. Going the way the current goes.

When you learn to take charge of yourself, and consider everything an opportunity and a blessing, then no matter what happens you can move forward undeterred. At worst, you make yourself feel a bit better. It’s up to you and no one else. Only you, can change you.

Take control of your thinking. It is much easier once you’ve built the habit of filling your mind daily with positive thoughts. It is easier when you’ve already built the habit of thinking well, feeling good and acting right. That is why we read, affirm, listen, and attend events.

The More We  Do The More We Are Able To Do – Take An Action

Condition yourself now. Begin. The going may be slow at first to over come the inertia of the habit of being stuck, but you will do it as you stick with it. Then it gets easier and easier. You may not be able to lift 50 lbs but through exercise, eventually you will be able to, and more.

Get it? That is how we do it. You may have heard this before and this is why. It works! This is how you will do it. Become aware. Take charge of your thinking and feeling. Notice when you feel yuk. Embrace the opportunity to change. You got a signal to change.

Be glad you noticed! Take action! Be glad you took a step! Persist. Be grateful and things will change. Feel the best you are able. Keep going. Inch by inch. Fill your mind. Surround yourself with happy, successful people you can learn from. Do something positive. Help someone else. Smile more. All will be good. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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