You Get Great Benefits Doing This: You Lose When You Don’t!

“Your career is going nowhere. You are in a dead end relationship. Debt is a mountain too high to see past. What to do? Perhaps, your struggling with only one area or all at once. Even it isn’t terrible it can be frustrating. Whatever your situation you need to do this!

Lately, I’ve shared with you the importance of taking a break and being able to walk away, at least temporarily, from circumstances that are brining you down. You want to vacate for awhile to refresh and renew. You want to regroup and gather your resources.

You want to stop considering it a problem and begin to find the blessings within. You need to marshal your mindset and take control. You can’t do that if you are hooked and dangling on a disaster line. You gotta get free to create space and allow things to work out.

Life Is Playfulness – Playfulness Is Sacred And Life Affirming – Play

This IS important! When you constantly fret, are worried or frustrated, in dire spirits about circumstances, when you are spinning your wheels trying to figure out the right move, all you really are doing is continuing to contaminate and perpetuate.

You must get free and optimize your attitude. Take a break. Trust that you don’t know everything, and that somehow, even though you don’t know how, it will all work out. You will land back on your feet. Then keep the faith. Do anything else for a while. Get it?

Take a mental and physical vacation. Leave the situation alone, completely. Get away from it. Camp, hike, swim, play golf, tennis, do anything to create that space to renew your mind and spirit. This is so important I am reiterating much of what I have previously said.

Discover The Magic That Surrounds You Through Playing

‘I don’t know how it is going to work out, but it will and I am grateful.’ Keep this thought in mind. ‘Everything will be fine’. Remember, you can’t see around the bend. Unless you take inspired actions, much of your activity is wasted and does not help. Let go!

You can’t take inspired actions in you aren’t inspired. If your mind and feelings aren’t working together to feel the very best, you are most likely only making things more difficult by trying to figure things out. You are occupied with busy work that is not productive.

Cultivate an attitude of play. You can do this anytime. It is great to spend time doing this when not in crisis mode. Then you have it available if difficult times present themselves. First off, difficult times are nothing but a blessing, if you are wise enough to know.

You Are Either Open And Free To Play Or You Are Not

Second, play increases your high vibes and good feelings. Play with abandon as a little child. Actually have fun. Don’t play to beat someone and make it another job. Play for fun, delight, enjoyment. Let go into wonderful feelings and frivolity. Play enhances learning.

You learned so much as a child through play. You imagined, you pretended, you modeled. You were and are free to play without goals. Simply play. Play games to enjoy. Allow the play to lift your spirits because it will when you abandon concerns and just play.

Be grateful. You can do this anytime, even if it has been a long time. Develop the habit of spending time in play. When you do you clear and free your mind and your spirit. You become more resourceful. You can later, return to circumstances refreshed and renewed.

Never Put Off Fun Until Tomorrow – You Can Have Fun Today

You can get more productively done with a clear mind and clean heart than you can through toiling and worrying. Drop seriousness. Drop the drama. Drop the garbage baggage you have carried for so long and play. Find fun. Then you can bring play to solving problems.

You will fare far better when you do. So play, wildly free and wholeheartedly. Become as a little child again no matter your age or crusty spirit. Become fascinated and adventurous. Let outdoors and wildlife captivate you, while you marvel. Appreciate it all and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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One thought on “You Get Great Benefits Doing This: You Lose When You Don’t!”

  1. Everytime I go play and let the magic of the universe take control I get everything I want when I want it. But it is the magic that surrounds me that guides and gives me all the answers and guidance. So I step back and have faith that the answers will come and they always do to my utter amazement!


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