These Things Don’t Have To Kill Us But Might

“We are distracted today by electronics, media, social media and so much more. Our brain space is occupied with alien invaders all day long. All night long. On and on we are bombarded by messages designed to make us weak, powerless, helpless and hopeless.

Advertisers have convinced us that having a human body is a problem only products can remedy. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes and everything in between, inside and out, has a pill, a potion and ointment or a procedure that is required. WOW!

Being human is tough. Then there is your mindset. People are helpless and hopeless, they are anxious, fearful, frustrated, angry and depressed. They need pills or psychotherapy of some form, just to deal with the day to day. Their heads and hearts are broken.

The First Step In Awareness Is To Become Aware Of Your Own BS

Our spirit is ignored. Our relationships suck. Our pocket books empty because we all trying to pursue a vanishing dream, and pay for all the products and fixes we think we need, just to be presentable to others, who do the same thing, at work and play.

We are pressured by social media. We are at a loss without our phones. We battle on Facebook and walk and drive with our heads buried in our devices. We photograph disasters and post it to get likes. We unfriend people because they think differently than we.

‘THEY’ have us convinced we are less than human because we have odors and flakes. We aren’t good enough or smart enough to be anything but a worker bee. So be sure you have multiple jobs so you can afford the products you need because you smell.

Then Become Aware Of The BS Of Those Attempting To BS You

I mean really, we have swallowed this hook line and sinker. We need the next Iphone, the next latest gadget or big screen TV, too. We are consumers pursuing a dream, that is rising in cost, and one almost always out of our reach. We are told to keep buying and spending.

We aren’t told we are smart, intelligent, people who can make their lives a personal and professional success. We aren’t encouraged to become rich and free we are encourage to work hard and retire with a pension promised, but now taken away. It isn’t just the television.

It isn’t just the advertisers. This has become a way of life, of thinking, it permeates our culture. It is in our music, our books, our movies, our clothes, our make up, our parties and pastimes. We are just not ever told we are good enough and the news is WE ARE!

Become Aware And Free Yourself From The Illusions Of Mind

Only we have been hoodwinked and brainwashed to think otherwise. Our pockets empty while their pockets fill. Consider why, they lie. Then realize you don’t have to believe it or participate. You can choose to be different and find and live another way.

I am not suggesting you have to totally disconnect. I am only suggesting you realize that a war is waged for your mind. They want to own it, and so far they have, in so many ways. If they have your mind they have your pocketbook and vice versa. Time to break free.

Live and seek to live the good life of your own creation. Seek to think your own thoughts, not commercialized consumerism and psychological pathologies. Everyone is broken in their book. You’re not. You work perfectly well. You really do. Give yourself credit.

Wake Up To How Incredible You Are And The World Is

Yes, you and I have learned many useless and silly things. We learned to be stuck, to loathe certain things including ourselves. To fear odors and flakes, to desire the next best whatever it is. We learned to work hard at low paying jobs, and that we need more than one.

What we didn’t learn so well is that we were conditioned to be this way. We are conditioned to be citizens so we don’t put up a fuss. We toe the line, do as we are told, buy the products and the sugary drink and we do it all willingly because we didn’t know better. BUT!

We are beginning to awaken. We are beginning to see the seams in the fabric as it is pulled and pushed apart by social issues and unrest, that have remained festering for so many decades. We are waking up to see it is not all that pretty; the mess that has been made.

Celebrate – Delight – Learn – Laugh – Love – Live – Celebrate All

Hopefully, we wake up and recognize there is still a wonderful world, a wonderful people and wonderful opportunities ahead. It isn’t too late and there is still plenty of everything. We can awaken further and learn to get along and help each other instead of compete.

Competition and war are inbred like football and boxing is. We get further, and can better get along, serving and uplifting each other and going the extra mile to add value and respect than we can fighting each other and dividing up everything. Time to stop.

We need to stop labeling the behaviors of ourself and others as bad and begin to see the good. Encourage and emphasize that. Look for solutions that heal and help, that unite and bind. Seek a higher path, a nicer way. We can do this. It begins within each of us. You and I.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Time to wake! It is our responsibility, not someone else’s. It is time we take control of our thinking, feeling and behaving. Make certain it is the very best. Make it exemplary so that is a role model. Let’s become renewed and refreshed. Let’s learn to live, love, and laugh. Then we can change ourselves and the world. Yes! It is time to wake up! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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One thought on “These Things Don’t Have To Kill Us But Might”

  1. Rex, I do not say these words flipently. I really mean these words. You in my humble opinion are a ‘national treasure’ like an original copy of the declaration of independence. You should be required reading in all our schools. Your words are so needed and so very important. Thank you for not giving up on us. Keep up your giving. I believe you have the power to change the world. Thank you so much for all your time and smart work. Sincerely and Warmly, William Young, Mandrini the Magician May Your Grandest Dreams Appear! You and Napoleon Hill have the answers thanks again for sharing.

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