You Need To Eliminate Inner And Outer Clutter

“You know how sometimes your desk or room gets messy. Perhaps, it is the kitchen that is in disarray. Heck, it could be the whole damn house that needs a do-over. A cleaning and an organizing are in order. Have you ever faced this? Your mind needs decluttering too.

Eliminate mental clutter. Go ahead. Keep it simple. Release and let go of anything that isn’t supportive of the kind of person you want and intend to be. Drop it. Have you ever dropped anything you were carrying. It just dropped away. Drop the negativity and the rest.

Anything not supportive, anything that doesn’t serve you accomplishing your purpose and fulfilling yourself, release. You can use affirmations to affirm the new you. Chant these with positive, strong emotion. Journal, write out what you want to release.

You Can’t Hate Yourself Happy – You Can’t Criticize Yourself Thin

When finished tear it out and safely burn it up. Talk it out, out loud. Write out what you want to let go of and burn it. Write out what you want instead and keep it. Affirm it. Read it out loud three or more times a day. Clean out and clear negativity from your brain space.

If you clean your house, room or office every once in awhile, even rarely, then you want to be sure to clear and clean your inner space too, every now and then. Whatever you release ,replace with the positive opposite. Affirm what you want. Don’t leave a vacuum.

Free up your energy to serve you better. Allow yourself to create flow and high vibrations. Feel wonderful instead of drained. Move your body. Get out and about. Focus on feeling magnificent. End the distractions and the frustrations and release it all. Really, do it!

Real Change Begins With Self-Love and Self-Care

Get outside. Refresh and renew in nature. Walk, enjoy your surroundings. Breathe and enjoy. Take time to relax. Delight in the simple things you find. Notice how good fresh air is and how wonderful the earth on your feet feels. Enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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