What You Do Now Determines What Happens Next

“Always remember that the thought you think now determines the next thought. It creates and attracts what follows it. Our thoughts lead to our feelings. What we think now determines how we feel. How we feel determines our next thought. It is cyclic. It is a loop.

A negative thought leads to negative feelings and other negative thoughts. A positive thought leads to positive feelings and other positive thoughts. You either spiral down into more negativity and bad feelings or up into positivity and good feeling. It is a direction.

Get it? You set a direction by the thoughts you think. Either positive or negative. You determine what happens next by what you think right now. This is why it is important to learn to control, take charge of, and manage your thinking. You get back what you put out!

Positivity Is A Choice – Your Destiny Is Shaped By Your Decisions

As you deliberately think more frequently about what you want, as you consistently think more positively, as you think and speak in this way, and think less and speak less of what you do not want, you will discover yourself feeling and acting better. You get what you put out.

You will feel better, think better, and as a result act better and wiser. You will transform yourself and your life. Remember, we become what we think about most of the time. How you spend your time thinking is the difference that makes the difference for you.

Stay positive. Stay consistently positive. Focus on what you want that is good and that you desire. Stop thinking about what is negative, bothering you. and what you want to exclude from your life. Choose which you will do most. It is completely up to you.

Your Happiness In Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts

Your decision determines what happens next. Step by step along the way. You will discover life extremely pleasing when you become predominantly positive. Discover the joy that awaits you by taking charge of your thinking and therefore your life. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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