You’ll Lose More Than You Win If You Don’t Know This About Other People!

“Can you quickly and easily create trust, rapport, and gain understanding, while eliminating roadblocks with clients, customers, and important people, in your professional and personal life? Can loved ones, investors, customers, agents, kids and all be influenced?

If yes, then how? This is important. You must get this! If you understand  the importance of the principle I’m sharing it can revolutionize your life and everything you do. I mean that! Alright here is what you, and I, MUST do to succeed wildly! Get this!

You must meet the other person where they’re at! Not where you are. You must speak their language, not just your language! When you communicate with them, HOW they prefer to be communicated with, you win, and so do they. You must be flexible and not limited.

If You Always Do What You Always Did You’ll Get What You Got

You must know MORE than one way of doing things. The difficulty with most sales people and influencers is they sell, and attempt to persuade, how they THINK the other person wants to hear the information. This will have YOU hear ‘NO’, more often than not.

You must adjust FOR them. Do not expect them to adjust for you. You must be adaptable and flexible. You must be smart enough to discover WHY they ACTUALLY buy, and what is important to THEM, and not what you THINK the reasons are. You need to learn theirs!

You need to get curious enough about the other person to do it their way. No one really likes being sold. Do you? If someone is attempting to get you to do something, do you enjoy it? Most probably not, most of the time, BUT, you, and others, enjoy buying things. Get it?

If What You Are Doing Isn’t Working Do Anything Else

If you wanted to sell a Chinese or French speaking only person or client, you’d have to put your presentation into words and terms they understood. You wouldn’t insist they learned your language first, would you? Not if you are smart, but yet, that is what most do.

That is what less than successful people do all the time! They expect others to buy the way they sell. To be successful professionally, or personally, in influencing others, we need to sell the way the other person buys! Get it? Adjust to them, don’t make them adjust to you!

When you learn WHY THEY BUY and adjust your presentation to them, whether it’s you family and friends or professional clients, customers, associates and potential partners, they more easily and readily and completely, can understand the offer you are making.

If It Isn’t Working For Most People They Do It Again Only Louder

When you appeal to why they buy and what is important to them, they can more readily and easily say ‘YES’ to you! Because they can recognize how your offer fits with what is important with them. Get it? You’ll be far more successful when you master this! Seriously!

If you don’t apply this, and continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to hear more ‘nos’ than ‘yeses’. You will fail to convince your family and friends and lose tons of money, leaving it on the table professionally, if you keep doing what isn’t working.

Doing more of that IS the definition of insanity. If you are pleased with the results you get, you can still benefit from learning improved ways of doing things. You can learn, grow and excel even more! If you are unhappy with your results, you must change what you do!

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

In coming blogs I will share with you a powerful system for getting more yeses! I will share with you, some of the secrets, the science and the system for unlocking another person’s buying behavior to skyrocket your results. You will love learning this. I mean it!

I will share with you a webinar that you will want to watch all the way through to the end. It is lengthy, about 90 minutes, so make time for it. I’ll introduce you to a good friend and mentor of mine. You watch and you will get everything you need to, to begin a new way.

I am thrilled to share this information with you. Because, I’ve been doing this for forty years. I realized years ago if I didn’t speak my customers language (and who is my customer? ANYONE I am attempting to influence) I was not respecting them. It was I, who lost.

The Chameleon Is A Wise Creature It Adapts To Its Surroundings

Once I learned what I needed to learn, what I needed to do, and learned my customer’s language, everything changed. I am happy to share this with you. Get it? If you want to improve a lot of different areas of your life this is an important way to begin to do that.

Until next blog consider these thoughts and principles. Plus, be sure to focus on what you are grateful for, and what you enjoy about you and your present life. Keep the faith and know that you will unlock the door and make all sorts of good things happen as you, feel grateful, put on a positive mindset, and take right action. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!


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