You Lose If You Aren’t Speaking Their Language They Won’t Understand!

“Is there something that converts a person’s “no” to a yes? If you could begin to get more yes’s in work and play, with associates, clients, family and friends, would it be worth it to you? Would you want to learn how to increase your ‘sales’ up to 300%? Well?

We need to learn and understand what is important to the people we are attempting to influence so we can sell them our ideas, products and services. This is true whether it is a friend or loved one we are attempting to convince, or a stranger and business associate.

If we have something, that truly meets their needs, but they can buy from anyone else, then we must learn to offer it, in such a way, that it aligns with their values. Then it is important to them. When we understand why they buy, then we can more easily sell.

The Reality Is We Are All In Sales We Sell Our Kids And Strangers

We appeal to what THEY want, not what we need. We need to know what is important to them, what their values are. We must know how to align with their values to deliver our product or service the way they prefer. The Platinum Rule really applies here.

Are you familiar with the Platinum Rule?  It states ‘do to others the way they prefer to have it done’. Do it their way, not your way! When we sell how we think others buy, we lose so much time and money. They buy because of why THEY buy! Their reasons, not ours.

We need to sell. They may need to buy. It comes down to whether they buy from you or from someone else. Bottom line, all things being equal, they will buy from the person they like and trust most and understand the easiest. Get it? Get that and you win more!

Everything In Life Is A Sale Everything You Want Is A Commission

You become more likable when you speak their language. You create rapport and connection when you adjust to them instead of requiring, or forcing, them to adjust to you. No template works for everyone. Learning to be flexible increases your batting average.

The more languages you speak the more people you can easily connect with and influence. They understand you because you can talk to them with words they understand. All of us have our own language. We have our own BUYING language! Learn theirs!

If you only sell from your language you will miss out on lots of people. Get it? AS sales people, or positive influencers, or people helpers who want to assist others in making good decisions, we NEED to learn how to communicate the way others buy. Get it?

Listen And Learn Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language

We stop pushing our style on them and adapt to theirs, all the while maintaining our integrity. You are still the same person whether you speak English, Greek or Spanish. You still need to remain ethical when you have a wonderfully powerful way to connect with others.

So assuming you are a trustworthy, upright, honest person of the highest integrity, you owe it to yourself to learn how to communicate with maximum, positive effect, so you can maximally, and positively affect your clients, customers and consumers.

Learn why they buy so they can buy what you have! Learn it so you can support them with excellent customer service. Keep them as a source of revenue and referrals for ever!  You want to communicate well for your children, parents, friends and everyone else, too!

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors – Learn A New Way To Be

Soon, I will share with you this powerful system for getting more yeses! You will learn to speak the language of the person you are communicating with. I’ll I share a 90 minute webinar that you will want to watch all the way through to the end. Make time for it.

I’ll introduce you to a good friend and mentor of mine. Together we’ll share the secrets, the science and the system for unlocking another person’s buying behavior to skyrocket your closing ration up to 300%. You will love learning this. I mean it. I love it. You will too!

I am thrilled to share this with you. I realized years ago if I didn’t speak the language of my customer, or anyone, I was attempting to influence then I not respecting them. I was losing out! You want deep lasting, trusting, positive connections. Don’t you?

The Ability To Sell Is The Number One Skill In Business 

Learn to become the best. Stop collecting ‘no’s’ start collectin yes’s. Stop losing out on money and start making more. Start adding more value to all the people you communicate with.I’ll share it soon! Stay tuned! Meanwhile Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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