Resistance Is Futile: It Is What It Is!

“It always IS what it is. You think it could have been otherwise. But it isn’t? So, could it have been? Perhaps, but it still isn’t? Is it? It is what it is. Face it. You can accept it or you can fight it, but it remains as it is. Have you ever noticed this? If you have, why do you persist?

Why don’t you celebrate what IS? I mean, is there really anything else to do  BUT celebrate? It is what it is. We can like it or not. The question really is how do you spend your time? BTW I am not discussing solving social injustices. Fight the good fight! That’s ok.

I’m talking about how things turn out in your daily life. Get it? Things go awry. Yes, it may suck BUT if you spend your time thinking and feeling how it sucks, what are you creating? What are you focused on? What are you perpetuating? That things, suck, right?

Train Yourself To Find The Blessing In Everything

It sucks to do that! But that is what is, until it isn’t any longer. Get it? You create how you experience yourself and  the world around you. So, how do you want to spend your time? You might as well celebrate what is. Right? Don’t celebrate it as a last resort.

Celebrate it because you chose to. Then you are open and free to discover all manner of nuance and blessings even when it seems to appear otherwise. Assume, whether it’s true or not, everything happens for a reason and you are choosing this for yourself now.

Then you are free from circumstances and less than glorious habits. Then you are in celebration mode about everything. You count everything as a blessing and enjoy more of life. You move through your days more care free knowing all is and can be well. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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