The Secret To Preventing And Managing Overwhelm

“Sometimes crap shows up. Sometimes you have so much on your plate, you aren’t sure what to do. You feel physically stressed and mentally overwhelmed. Your spirit may be broken and you are suffering from all of it. What to do? What can you do?

First, you must realize, and recognize, that the feeling of overwhelm, or stress, is a signal that you are denying, or preventing, yourself from co-operating internally and, most probably, externally. When things get tough people tend to negatively accelerate their thoughts.

They get caught in a spin. Things move too fast and feel crummy. You need to create a break space for yourself. You know that already, because you are probably wishing for one. You need to take a break or do something to change yourself so you can feel better.

Let It Go – Life Is Too Short To Get Caught Up In Empty Drama

You hope things will work out but you probably don’t expect them to. Get it? Whenever you feel overwhelmed you need to pause, to stop to breath, and understand you’re communicating something to yourself. You need to relax and co-operate with yourself and others.

You have to recognize you are resisting what is going on, and what you are resisting is persisting and causing you the discomfort. Much of the ill at ease feelings will disappear when you stop putting your energy into resisting what it. You need to look for how to allow.

You need to seek to accept. Seek out what you can let go of. I don’t mean forget about, I mean, let go of. Stop fighting and begin working with it. Find solutions, instead of problems. Find co-operation, instead of pushing. When you push, you get push back. Relax. Allow.

Refuse To Entertain Negativity – Shift – Focus On The Positive

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, it means releasing the fight to do things in a different way. Let go of the struggle and the negativity and allow the positivity to flow. Turn your attention. Shift your thinking and feeling. You may need to do some physical things.

Walk, exercise, go camping or hiking. Do anything positive to create space for yourself. Get a massage. Meditate. Go to church or temple. Whatever works for you. Create positive space where you can relax. Let it go. Then chunk everything down into manageable bits.

Any large task can be broken down into smaller, easier, manageable pieces you can do more readily. Overwhelm out of control helps no one. Look for how you can better work with others. Seek harmony. When you do, everything can begin to lighten up. Get this?

Chunk It Down – You Eat An Elephant Bite By Bite – Easy Does It

Things remain the same because of our own hold on them. We habitually react and keep perpetuating the same old, same old. In order to have something different we must do something different. Delight, let go, change something. As you change things will change!

Give up the fighting. Become fluid and flexible. At the first sign of overwhelm and stress, change. Divert it. Shift and move and create what you want instead. Don’t be a victim of it. Stop and create what you want. Be grateful. Feel good.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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