Stop Seeking Happiness For Happiness


“Sadly, people want to be happy. They think if they have another brighter, shinier object it will make them happy. If they get an award or a promotion they will somehow be better and consequently be happier. More of something elusive is what they think will work.

It doesn’t and it won’t. From most all reports through eons of time having more, or accomplishing, much isn’t the base of lasting or true happiness. So, what is if you can’t become happy this way? True happiness comes from a sense of being happiness right now.

Humans become dissatisfied with what they want. The shiny object becomes dull in time and so we want more. We seek something else to fulfill us. This becomes an endless pursuit. It seems we are only happy when we have something new and better to brag about.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

Since these feelings of satisfaction and happiness come and go, is there something one can do that is more permanent or longer lasting? Yes, is the answer. Start living in the present moment and appreciate what you already have. Be happy now. Right now!

Some people complain they don’t know how. That is because they have practiced being happy through accumulation. It is time to practice being happy for who you are and for what you have right now. Recognize the good in your life. Notice and become aware of it.

It is not just things. It is who you are and how you feel. It is the people in your life. It is the circumstances surrounding you. It is the moment right now. It is the beauty of the earth right now, today, that matters. Stop seeking and start being. That makes the difference.

The More We Do The More We Are Capable Of Doing

Stop wanting to be happy and start accepting the now. Look for the good in you and all around you. Discover that blessings abound. Stop putting off for tomorrow what you have today. Stop making your conception of happiness an ideal. It isn’t a thing to have. Get it?

Happiness isn’t some state you enter. Happiness is a process and a choice. You won’t always feel blissful. You don’t have to either. People get screwed up by their definitions of happiness. They miss it because of what they think it means and what it is. It is a thing!

Happiness is not the absence of everything else that isn’t happiness. Happiness is a process. It is a sense of well-being. It is contentment. Happiness is emphasizing the good. Energy flows where your attention goes. Stop pursuing a thing. Be in a process. Be in flow.

Skill Comes From Doing – Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill

The river isn’t static. It is moving, flowing. Life flows and changes. We feel differently from time to time. Happiness is a choice not a thing! It is a decision as to where you place your attention and what you determine to focus on. The goal is to feel the best you are able.

This doesn’t mean you always need to be amped up and a ten on the glee meter. It means you feel a bit better than a moment ago. If you are down and out you do whatever is necessary to feel a bit better. You move yourself in a more positive and optimistic direction.

Drop by drop the tub fills. It needn’t be now or never. All of life is process. Accept it. Tides come and go. Feelings ebb. Allow for changes while steering your boat in the river of life. Go with the current but steer away from the rocks. Navigate and enjoy.

You Get What You Focus On – What You Focus On Expands

The easiest way to be happy is to appreciate the moment. Feel grateful and accentuate the positive. You don’t ignore the negative or problems but you place them safely within context and don’t let them run you. You focus on what is good and delightful. Get it?

You choose to be bigger than any obstacle and you determine to live as a champion. You focus on what you can and will do. You focus on  that, which right now, is good. Fill your mind and being with wonder and awe and delight for what is YOU this moment! Tend to the beauty of the garden even while weeding it. Be happy and you will do and have more happiness. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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