What You Believe Can Kill You! Ask Mr. Wright. Ooops, You Can’t He Is Dead.

“The Placebo Effect states simply, if you believe something will benefit you, then it’s possible, and likely, it will. The Nocebo Effect states simply, if you think it will harm you, or have no effect, then it’s possible, and likely, it will. These effects  are well researched.

There is a famous real-life story about the placebo effect and Mr Wright. I shared this in an earlier blog post a while back. Mr. Wright believed a drug his doctor could get would save him based on what he read about in the press. His doctor administered a placebo.

The doctor told him he was getting the medicine he thought would help. His condition improved. Later, he read in the newspaper the ‘miracle drug’ didn’t work. His condition deteriorated. His doctor convinced him otherwise and his condition again improved.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

Later, he read the drug was a hoax. He died. Both the Placebo and Nocebo effect were at work. They are always at work about everything. We are always thinking. It isn’t just in medicine, but that is where the effect became obviously known. Look it up.

People have believed in all sorts of things and found help. Lourdes, amulets, faith healers, Voodoo healing and Voodoo curses, the Evil Eye. The list is endless. If you believe a food or practice is healthy for you it is likely it can be, even if it isn’t. Your beliefs may make it so.

If you believe it is harmful, it too, can be likely, even if it isn’t. If you believe it will add weight to you or help you shed pounds, then too, it is possible. It is all about what you believe! Nothing is locked in stone. Our beliefs determine our reality more than the other way.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

I am not suggesting you can or should do anything believing the opposite. It is about what you actually, truly. already believe is or isn’t possible. Snake handlers have demonstrated success and failure with this concept of faith. Don’t test your faith this way. It’s stupid.

Be wise about it. If you decide you will only eat sugar laden chocolate cake and that it will be healthy for you and you will lose weight, it is possible. It may or may not be likely so don’t be surprised if it works or doesn’t. Don’t try to make a sows ear into a silk purse.

If you are surprised it works you didn’t believe it to begin with. If it doesn’t work, you may not have actually believed that it would. You won’t fly believing you can, so don’t walk off a high ledge. That isn’t what this effect is about. Still, it can powerfully assist you.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

It can assist you in healing and in accomplishing your goals when you believe you are able to and will. Mindset first and foremost, then everything else can fall in place. Placebo works well together with medicine that works and Nocebo works against the same medicine.

This revolves around one of my favorite, and most powerful, quotes by Henry Ford, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.’ What you believe tends to determine how far you will go. If you believe you can, then it is possible, but it isn’t written in stone.

You still have to make it happen. However, if you believe you can’t then you may not even bother to attempt it. Get it? You determine your future by how you think about it. You determine your past and present in the very same manner. What you believe matters!

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Whatever IS, is up to you. This is why I say consider everything a blessing because things can change when you do. Get it? Anything and everything is always up to you! No one else, but you! You determine whether you will make something happen. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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