How You Can Stop Fear And Anxiety From Ruling You!

“Someone asked a question the other day.  I thought I’d publish my reply here. This will help others who may be wondering the same thing. Here is what you can do when you are faced with thoughts or feelings you don’t want. It’s a powerful process you can use.

You can absolutely change your state and transform yourself when you apply this principle. When you apply it and continue to apply, repeatedly, as often as needed, healing and change can take place. It is the consistent, repeated, correct actions that make the difference.

You want to build powerful and positive thought, feeling and action habits. The way you do it is to put into practice what you learn here. It only takes seconds or minutes to learn this but you want to make it habit by using it all the time! Develop the habit that supports you.

Who You Think You Are Or Are Not Can Hold You Back

You can begin to easily, and powerfully, transform as you implement and continue to implement this practice. You’ll create new neural pathways which can become new habits. The more you do the more you become capable of doing! You change and things change! Get it?

In Mind Design™ we utilize Directed Questions™ and other powerful processes and principles to help you create your best life ever. I have been sharing these processes for more than 3 years in this blog and for nearly 40 years in programs and elsewhere.

These processes are life affirming, positive, powerful and help you overcome limitations in mindset, limiting beliefs and behaviors, and allow you to confidently and competently transform yourself to get the results you desire to get. You can manifest and create a new you!

Discipline Is Your Friend Not Your Enemy – Create Good Habits

So here is the answer to the question I was recently asked: How do i take the next step with less fear & anxiety?

The first step is to shift your focus. You are asking how you do something with less fear and anxiety. You asked, ‘How do i take the next step with less fear & anxiety?’ You focus is on fear and anxiety. It would serve you better to stop that. Put your focus elsewhere!

Drop that. Let that go. You are looking at what you want to avoid or eliminate. Stop! Remember, you get back, or more of, what you focus on.  Focus on what you want not what you don’t want. Stop focusing on fear and anxiety even as you say you wish to lessen those.

You’re better served to only speak (write and think about) what you want more of and what you want to include. Speak, write and think about only that which blesses, heals and prospers you. Think along these lines so you create and make happen what you want!

The Mind Is As Strong As The Weakest Think – Think Positive

Attract what you want instead of what you don’t Keep in mind what you focus on you get! What you think about you become. Whatever you focus on expands. What you see, say and feel is what you get. You make things happen. Thoughts become things! Change focus!

Emphasize good, wonderful positive things and characteristics. Realize, you are in a learning process and beginning to create what you want more of. As you do you will get more and more of what you want. Emphasize and focus on only THAT which you DO want!

Speak, think and write this way:

‘How do i take the next step with less confidence and delight? How do I take the next step easily and effortlessly? How do i take the next step in such a way that I maximize my joy and well-being? How do i take the next step with more fun than I could ever imagine possible?’

The More You Do The More You Become Capable Of Doing

‘How much fun can I have? In how many ways can I discover myself moving forward with eagerness and enthusiasm? How soon can I begin to notice everything is working together in many wonderful and positive ways? In how many ways do I already feel marvelous?’

Aim at what you want to create! Turn your back away from what you do not want to have. Shift from the negative, the less than glorious to the positive, the enjoyable, the wonderful and the glorious. You can do it! Think confidence, joy, delight, eagerness, and anticipation.

Do it and enjoy the new way of being! Anytime you notice yourself not focused positively on positive steps and thoughts and feelings STOP and shift back to the positive. The goal is to keep shifting back and build that habit. Awareness leads to change. This is what to do!

Create Wonder Play And Delight For Yourself And Transform 

As you notice and shift you build the long lasting habit of dropping negativity and moving into your positive power. It’s a process so enjoy, have fun and nurture the process. Monitor your thoughts and self talk. Concentrate your mental images and words on the positive.

Also pay attention to what you say to others so you continue to move forward. If you slip up encourage yourself positively. Think always: WHAT DO I WANT? not What do I don’t want? Okay? This is truly important and powerful. Manage your thinking positively!

Ask yourself: ‘What do I want to do, enjoy, experience, include, allow, and invite into my life right now?’ Get it? Move ward and keep moving forward. Drop by drop the tub fills! Everything changes for the better when you begin to consider everything a blessing and an opportunity. Life transforms incredibly as you do! Stay focused, Have fun. Enjoy the process and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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2 thoughts on “How You Can Stop Fear And Anxiety From Ruling You!”

  1. What if my anxiety is money related ? What if l am almost penniless and still have to run a family with utmost dignity ? How can l overcome the fear of humiliation ?


    1. Sorry to learn about your situation and I wish you the best. I also know if you do as suggested it does not matter the situation the principle and methods can and will work across the board.

      The key is to do the practice, create the positive habits. Mindset first then the feelings and behaviors can change so that you can get the results you want. Apply it and you will notice the difference in time. Keep the faith. Do the work. Learn to and begin to celebrate everything.

      You have an opportunity to discover how incredible and how powerful you are to champion over your circumstances and begin to make what you want to happen!


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