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What’s The First Thing I Should Do When Crap Explodes?

“Let’s face it. Crap happens. Okay, I could have chosen a stronger word. It does. What to do when it happens? What can you do? What might you do? What should you do? How can you go from crap to creating something wonderful. If not wonderful, at least better?

Something happens. It sucks. If you, or I, think ‘I don’t want this…’ then what should my next thought be? If I feel yucky or discover I am thinking negative thoughts, what should my next step be, once I notice this is not at all what I want. I absolutely don’t want this!

What is the question I need to ask? Obviously, it is ‘WHAT DO I WANT?’ ‘What do I want instead of this?’ I know what I don’t want so let me get absolutely clear on what I do want. When I know for certain what I do want, I can work to begin to bring that about.

If What You’re Doing Isn’t Working – Do Anything Else – Anything

Get it? I can shape my mindset, sharpen my tools and go after what I want. Focus on what I want to make that happen and stop thinking, or worrying, about what I do not want. Energy flows where attention goes. Put all of the attention on what I do want. Make that happen.

Keep asking. ‘What do I want?’  Don’t settle for less. Let, ‘what do I want’, guide you in all situations. Think of it as a guide. ‘What do I want from this experience?’ ‘ What do I want to get by going to this party?’ ‘What do I want in this job?” Let it guide you positively.

As you routinely and regularly ask this question, and focus on what you want and making that happen, you build a powerful new thought habit. Realize, you not only ask the question, but take steps in making changes. Any positive step, is a step in the right direction.

If You Always Do What You Always Did – You Get What You Got

If what you are doing isn’t working, then do anything else! Decide what you want, and move in that direction. Inch by inch, if necessary. CHANGE what you have been paying attention to. Begin to positively look at creating something good. Get it?

Stop making the crap happen and make the good stuff happen. It is all in your hands and within your abilities. You are already a powerful creator, as evidenced by you, manifesting everything you don’t want. Now, switch it to manifesting what you do want, instead. Get it?

Be grateful as you realize, more and more, you create, and are responsible, for everything in your life. You may not create the weather or the economy, but you are responsible for how you react, or respond, to outside influences. Recognize this, and become even more grateful. Gratitude will change it all. Celebrate everything!” RexSikes

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