These Changes You Can Make Will Create An Incredible Difference!

“Some day I will take another form whatever that may be. I will no longer walk the planet. I won’t be around to comment on whether events are good or bad, right or wrong. They will go on without my commentary or criticism. Just as they did before I arrived here.

Since that’s the case why should I waste my time judging now? Isn’t there a better, a wiser, use of my time? Wouldn’t I be better off not digging in despair whether the events are personal or global? Life is short. Instead of labeling events good or bad, is there another way?

Life is way, way too short, as far as I am concerned, so I want to find a way to maximize the little time on the globe as best I can. Years ago, I decided that if I was going to live on the planet I deserved to live in paradise. Whatever the situation is I wanted it to be paradise.

Life Is Too Short Not To Enjoy It And Celebrate Everything

I found, when I told others this, many said it was not possible given the world and current state of affairs. They’d say things like, ‘well there will always be suffering’. They said many things and I heard from many people through the years.

Their attitude seemed to be, ‘ life is short, you struggle, try to be happy live a good life, hurt no one and die. Then hope there is an afterlife and that you may be rewarded’. I knew this is not the way I want to go through my days. If they wished to that was up to them.

Not I. It took me some time, a lot of time actually, but one day I decided to decide how I wanted to think about things. I decided, whether it is accurate or not, that I create my experience. There is alot scientific supporting the premise that we create our reality.

Why Give Up Your Time On Earth Feeling Down And Out

Regardless, of whether it is true or not, I decided that I create my experience. I determined I had created a lot of crap in my life and some good things. I looked at me, my life, and it occurred to me that I always got what I wanted and what I thought about. I really did.

My worst fears often came true. If I was anxious or depressed about something it was harder to move through the world. If I worried about money I never seemed to have enough. Perhaps, it was a chicken and egg thing, and I wasn’t sure what came first.

Did I not have money so I worried about it or because I worried about money I never had any. I wasn’t certain, but I decided not to care. I decided that I would control my thinking. I would endeavor to think the best about myself, my circumstances, and my future.

Let Go – Have Fun – Discover The Blessings And Celebrate

I’d think positively about the people around me, my  family, friends, and even strangers. I would strive to maintain a positive focus. I would concentrate on finding the good in everything as much as I am able. I would find the best in everything and everyone.

It was not always easy. It still isn’t always easy. Sometimes there are challenges and it seems like I may lose my way. I get sidetracked or off course, caught up, and I forget what is important and I get hooked. At some point I realize, that too, is my decision.

It’s  like a guilty pleasure, but without the pleasure part. You know, when you know you shouldn’t be doing something but you do it anyway. Whatever it is,  maybe you shouldn’t have that extra helping but you just have to, or you sneak an extra piece of chocolate.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Manage Your Thoughts

You feel guilty. Maybe, guilty isn’t exactly the right word.  It isn’t guilt sometimes it is just that you just know there is a better way of being or thinking or behaving.  It is like that, at some point, I become aware that I am off base and I need to get back on.

I know it is up to me.  Sometimes I don’t feel like correcting myself, but I do it anyway (because I have since learned how to). I course correct. There is so much incredible power in learning how to shift from the negative to the positive. It is absolutely freeing!

I learned, just because things are going on around me that are not to my liking, even if everything is crumbling, I do not have to think negative thoughts, or feel bad or respond as I would have in the past. That was something else i did a lot of.  I used to live in the past.

Live In The Present – Celebrate – Learn To Be Here Now

I used to aggrandize  the good old days and lament what was or what never came to be. I gave that up to. I developed a plan to change myself. I create daily rituals. I put my attention, focus, energy and time on thinking better and feeling better. AND IT WORKED.

I’ll share more in the next post. If you are a regular reader you know how important these things are. You understand mindset comes first and determines how we feel, behave and the results we get. You know if you want better results manage your mindset. BOOM!

That is what you must do. Gratitude is a powerful way to shift your focus and feel better. Focusing on what is good, new and different in this moment brings you back to the moment where you can count your blessings, feel good about everything, validate yourself and celebrate. You truly transform when you can celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “These Changes You Can Make Will Create An Incredible Difference!”

  1. As I was reading this it made me think back to when I had this thought that I would die young and it was because I couldn’t see my future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I didn’t know what my purpose was. I felt useless. Then my mind changed from living to die, to live life to the fullest. To stop allowing my doubts and fears become the reason why I’m not living. Learn self-discipline, maintain personal growth and achieve my goals. Life is so much more than what we think. Everybody can live but can every body live how we should live. Travel, do things that make us happy. You know do the things in life where we just have to stop and say ” I’m so glad I did that” rather than live with the regret of never doing. We don’t have time to focus on the negative. It’s so easy to do but it all depends on our mindset and if we allow negative vibes to be apart of us. Great post!


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