Take Charge And Direct Your Mind Unless You Are A Coward

“The reason the world is as it is, is because people affirm and visualize the less than glorious more often than the glorious. Their focus is on the negative and what is wrong, more than it is on what is working and what is right. You get what you focus on. Truly!

If your life is less than glorious, where is your attention most of the time? Is it on how good things are? Is it on how incredible and powerful you are? Is it on what you can do to create your best life? OR, is your attention on problems, circumstances and distractions?

If most of the time you swim in a mental sewer, why would you expect anything to be any better? We create our experience by what we think, feel and do. We are responsible for our circumstances EVEN IF there are outer influences. You must get this principle!

What You Think About You Bring About – Focus Matters

Energy flows where attention goes. What you think about most frequently you bring about. You are a creator of good or bad things. If most of your circumstances are ‘bad’ then what on earth are you focused on most of the time? You need to examine this honestly!

Where is your attention and energy going? Are you inadvertently creating or perpetuating problems? Is your attention and energy helping keep everything the same? Do you realize you are part of the problem even if you don’t intend or want to be? Focus matters!

The world is as it is because of where people put their focus. What they focus on determines how they feel, how they behave and the results they get. If you want a better life and a better world you need to change whatever it is you are doing that has kept it the same.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Mindset Matters

You must focus on the positive. You must shift from victim mentality to victor mentality. If you dismiss this as a silly notion most likely you will remain the same. You need to notice that it IS working whether you believe it or not. At least have the guts to investigate it yourself.

Change your thinking. Try it for 90 days. Really work on it. Give it time because you need it to get used to doing things a new way. Throw yourself into it. If it doesn’t matter, then you will have lost nothing in 90 days and may have discovered something important.

If you don’t attempt it, all I can say is, your loss. If everything is fantastic and you can’t make it, or imagine it, any better, then maybe you are doing things right. If not, perhaps you should try a new way to discover how much more incredible things can be. Find out!

The More You Do The More You Are Capable Of Doing

Don’t be afraid. You won’t lose anything. Have courage. Give it an honest and noble try. Nothing in your life will change unless you change things in your life. You must take action and responsibility for your experience. Take charge. It can and will be glorious!

Find out how marvelous life is with a new and powerful attitude. Discover how wonderful it is to see the good and the positive and find solutions, that may have remained hidden, when focused on what you think is wrong. Find out how sumptuous life is when you truly celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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