Good News: Affirmations Work! Bad News: You Don’t Know What You Are Doing!

I addressed the reason some people have difficulty working with affirmations over thirty years ago in an article ‘ Why Affirmations Don’t Work’. I share these principles in my works, Directed Questions™, the Attitude Activator™ and Mind Design™ training.

I had the very same problem most people do. I was getting much of what I don’t want and not very much of what I did want. I would make declarative statements and then feel like I was lying.  I’d engage in a big inner fight with myself.I struggled for years.

Then I had a major crisis in my life. As a result I locked myself in my apartment and didn’t leave for six weeks, while I sat in a chair, reciting affirmations. It was during this time I discovered the key to making affirmations work for me. They can work for you, too!

You Get What You Think About Most Frequently 

Here’s an important principle you must understand. We are always, already, getting whatever we affirm, though some people mostly manifest crap. That is because they affirm and discuss crap most of the time. Don’t think of affirmations as something positive.

Think of affirmations as something you do. An affirmation is a declaration. You can declare positively or negatively! Most people are expert at negative affirmations. They declare, and repeatedly declare, or affirm, what they don’t want, or would prefer to exclude.

So, that is what they keep ending up with! You must understand this. Whatever you give your attention to, YOU are focused on AND, you are affirming. Your attention is energy and you are either pouring energy into the positive or you are pouring it into the negative.

You And Your Results Are Your Mindset – Attitude Matters

Most people, most of the time, are pouring their energy into the negative. They talk, share and discuss their problems. They get caught up in gossip, negative and bad news in their daily life and in the media. It consumes most of their daily thinking times.

If they aren’t negative they are distracted, watching mindless TV or reality shows, playing electronic games or more. Little time is spent energizing and attending to what they want to make happen other that to hope and wish things would somehow change.

Wishing and hoping won’t help! So little time is spent on the positive. So much time is on negative. It is little wonder why people’s lives often suck. The reason people don’t make it work right for themselves is because they focus on the positive in fleeting ways.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t You Are Right

Then spend the most all of their moments on the negative. Their focus and energy is negative. They’re out of balance. Your thinking preponderance has to shift from the negative to the positive. You get back what you spend most of your time doing! You must get this.

You have to understand that your circumstance and results come from how you think, believe and perceive things. In order to get better results and positive circumstances you have to change what you have been doing. You have been affirming the problems!

Stop and shift. Change your focus. It does require that you take charge and be willing to do what it takes to gain control over your own thought process and your life. It is simple. It is not always easy at first, but it gets easier but you must start if you want to change.

The Mind Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think – Think Positive

A good practice, is gratitude. Finding the good and appreciating in everything. Looking and seeking to find. It won’t come to you, you have to do it. If you want YOUR life to change YOU have to change some things you are doing. Begin by celebrating everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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One thought on “Good News: Affirmations Work! Bad News: You Don’t Know What You Are Doing!”

  1. I affirm that affirmations work. It is so powerful that my wife walked up to me and said, “How come you get everything you want when you want it. She now says, “I want _________ work your voodoo!” She gets everything she wants when she wants it.” Every now and then I say to her, “Do you really want that, you know you will have it shortly.!” I testify that affirmations work! William Young, Mandrini the Magician


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