You Name It And It Is So!

“It is a problem when you say it is. It is, it becomes, whatever you say it is! You define it. You declare it.  What you perceive it to be, it is. What you believe it to be, makes it so. Believing is seeing. It is your mental judgement that does this. Don’t miss this point.

In reality, it is whatever it is. It is an event or a circumstance. It is a person. From that you determine how you react to it. You determine problem or pleasure, friend or foe. It is all up to you and your habitual thinking. You react from your past conditioning. Get it?

I know you don’t believe this. You think it isn’t whatever you call it. That it’s independent of you, It is a problem or a foe. That is  because you are, you have been,  conditioned to believe there are problems outside of you. Whatever it is, IS. Without judgement, it simply is!

Mind Set Matters – Perception Is Everything

Your judgement makes it so. If you decide it is awful, it will be. If you decide it is only an annoyance, it will be that. It will be whatever you declare it to be. Perception is everything. There is ONLY your perception. This is why you must become more aware. Get it?

YOU make it so! You lock it in. It could be anything but your definition of it determines how you react to it. It is all old mental habits. You grew up this way. You can be different. IT can be different but you must take charge or your thinking processes.

This is why you must always only speak to bless, heal and prosper. When you do, you can begin to create what you want instead. Take the energy away from what you do not want. Energy flows where your attention goes. If you call it horrible, it will be. Get it?

It Actually Is – What We Believe We End Up Seeing

I am not suggesting you ignore anything. I am suggesting, how you define things IS how you live through things. If your worst nightmare is a lesson, a fall from which you arise, then it is no big deal. If you redefined it as an opportunity, you’d feel differently. Understand?

You’d handle things differently than if it is your worst nightmare. If you decide it is something you can and will resolve, even if you don’t know how yet, and you believe it will work out for the best, then you are far more resrourceful and less stressed. Then, it can work out!

Stop living from previous, past conditioning and learn to live in this moment. Learn to live free from limitations and cumbersome beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck. You can rise above any problem. YOU are bigger than any difficulty when you believe you are. MIndset matters. You can make a difference. Live triumphantly!

Your Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Focus Matters

You can always find a way to triumph. It is up to you and in your hands. You can always find the silver lining. You can dig for the gold. Discover the blessing in all. Then you live differently. You live in joy and delight because everything works together for good. Somehow it all works out. When you believe this you can celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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