How To Best Handle Turbulent Times

“We live in awesome times. Lot’s being shaken up. Lot’s of flurry flying AND lot’s of things people think are problems. Yet, there is still lot’s of good, lot’s of love, and lot’s of personal growth. What you focus on most of the time determines what you find most often.

For those who may worry, remember,  it is always darkest before the dawn. From chaos stars are born. The big bang may be why we are all here.  We began in an explosion. A joy of human birth comes through pain. The kite rises highest against the wind. Always live victoriously.

The glass is either half full or half empty. You define which you think it is. You are affected by how you view it. You either focus on what you enjoy and can do, or you focus on what is missing and unliked. Whichever you choose determines how you feel and your results.

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills – You Will Get There Step By Step

It is what it is. All will ultimately work out for the best. Think of it as an olympic event. Lot’s of challenge and hurdles to overcome but that is the game. We challenge ourselves with the marathons and triathlons. Keep the faith. Enjoy the game. Keep doing your best.

Love lots! Think your best. Feel your best. Do your best. Be happy in the midst of turmoil It is doable. It only isn’t possible if you don’t believe it is possible. You determine what your life is like. You decide how you handle outside influences. But it all begins from within you.

Be the best . Make happen what you want to make happen. Intend to create great, good things. Then follow through! Don’t worry about circumstances, transform circumstances! Rise above. Live from a higher purpose. Live from your highest self. You can if you choose to.

The More We Do The More We Can Do – Skill Comes From Doing

You can if you believe you can and you decide to. Einstein said, ‘Great spirits must always do violent contentions with mediocre minds.’ Simply consider that the way of the world. Rise above!Find the good in all things. Focus on the good. Then good will expand!

Create what you want to make happen. Discover the blessings. Feel grateful. Say ‘thank you’ all through your day. Out loud tp others and inside to your higher power and your incredible self. Fill your mind and heart with gratitude. Make a list! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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