Never Let Thinking Be Your Only Guide

“Because of our conditioning we can get into thinking binds. People ‘think about it’ and then claim they don’t know what to do. They get mixed up, confused, fearful, frustrated, even angry, and feel lost. What to do when you don’t know what to do? Think less! Truly!

First, stay optimistic and positive. That will help keep you from a negative downward spiral. Shift from the negative and trust that even if you don’t know ‘how’, it will all work out for the best. Did you seek high quality accurate information? This is an important step.

Many people seek opinions from others disguised as facts. You need to really vet the issue for high quality, accurate information. Accurate information helps prevent confusion and spiraling down. Remain positive and trusting it will all work out. Then, trust more.

Trust Your Feelings – Your Vibes – Energy Speaks The Truth

Trust your self. Trust your gut. You will get that positive kinesthetic nudge, that inner feeling, when something is correct. If you are getting a feeling that is uncomfortable, something isn’t right, and you’re  frustrated, trust that too. Listen to yourself.  FEEL. Listen.

You know inside.  Pay attention to you’re feelings. Feel whether you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’. Notice your own feelings. If you think you should but don’t feel like you should NOTICE this. Learn to trust your feelings. If you think you shouldn’t, but it feels right, notice!

Your body, you feelings, your unconscious,  subconscious, non-conscious knows more than you consciously do. When right on, your body speaks to you. Pay attention and act on it. Notice the still small voice inside. Follow your heart. Follow you intuition. Let it guide.

Energy Doesn’t Lie – Trust Your Gut And Heart – Your Feelings 

Next blog, I’ll share a simple way you can begin to shift from thinking to feeling. It will bring your greater peace and enjoyment. Opportunities you may have otherwise missed, you can begin to take advantage of. Let your feelings be your guide! Meanwhile, be and feel grateful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “Never Let Thinking Be Your Only Guide”

  1. My feelings led me to one million dollars 500 miles away from home to a stranger I knew nothing about and he was in desperate need of what I had to offer. There was an actual pulling of my body that I followed and the feeling led me to the man who had many millions but needed our ideas. It was amazing. I have had this happen over and over again. You are right on with this wise advise Rex. Thanks for sharing. I verify following: our inner feelings are a reliable fantastic tool for getting grand fantastic riches $$$. Our feelings are a reality we can depend on.


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