Learn To Trust Your Feelings

“Learn to trust your feelings gradually. If you don’t regularly do this, first, notice it in small things.  Don’t use it on money making schemes and investments if you aren’t practiced in paying attention. You need to actually shift from your head to your feelings. Don’t be misguided.

We get conditioned out of using our feelings as guide while growing up. We’re taught out of it. We’re taught to think, reason, and listen to others first. We get conflicted. We give up using intuition. It is reliable! You just have to get back into the practice of using it well.

Take it slowly. There are methods you learn to start paying proper attention to the wisest, most sophisticated decision making process available to you. Be playful. Take it lightly while seriously putting your attention on your feelings. Let your intuition be your guide.

Deep Down – Inside – You Already Know The Truth – The Answer

Shift from the chaos of your thoughts to the certainty of your inner wisdom. Start to pay attention to small decisions. What do you feel like eating? What do you feel like doing? Do you feel like doing X or Y? Begin paying attention to what you feel you want. Get it?

Remain silent. Focus on the feelings you get when you consider what you want to do. Do you feel emotionally well or emotionally off? Do you feel as if you want to or not? Is it a green light, go signal, or a red one? Stop thinking about it and feel the answer. FEEL IT. Get it?

Start small and re-train yourself to pay attention. All the while you do remain focused on gratitude and blessings. Discover the fine art and the benefits of feeling appreciative and expressing it often. Say thanks a lot, silently and out loud. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Learn To Trust Your Feelings”

  1. “Deep Down – Inside – You Already Know The Truth – The Answer” – Yup! I often use oracle cards in times when I need direction and the cards always give me the right answer. But it’s not because the cards are magic, it’s because of the quote above. You already have all the answers inside you. Love this article 🙂


  2. Think it! FEEL it! Then Share it!!!

    The answer is always from within.
    Who else should know the real you better than you. I’m in celebration the real ME😇 HooRaaay 🎉


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